The Challenge’s Amanda Garcia blasts Michele Fitzgerald for recent ‘cringe’ remarks about her

amanda garcia face shot on the challenge spies lies and allies on mtv
Amanda Garcia fired back her castmate Michele Fitzgerald’s recent remarks. Pic credit: MTV

There will inevitably be feuds and rivalries among cast members on MTV’s The Challenge, and many times, Amanda Garcia is on the other side of the feud.

The former Are You the One? star has been known to get into it with her castmates during the show’s filming and off the show via social media.

Among Amanda’s recent targets were her castmates on CBS’ The Challenge: USA 2 spin-off, Tori Deal and Michele Fitzgerald.

Those televised feuds only lasted briefly, as Amanda was eliminated before Michele or Tori were on the season.

And while Tori and Michele seem to stay away from the online drama mostly, Michele recently fired shots at Amanda as one of her top villains.

The former Survivor winner appeared in a new video with her throwing shade at Amanda, and unsurprisingly, Amanda has since responded.

Michele calls Amanda one of her all-time ‘top villains’

A social media clip making the rounds features Michele standing with a drink in her hand at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. She introduces herself and then lists off her top all-time villains.

“I wanna give number five to the Wicked Witch of the West. She’s had a hard time turning green. I wouldn’t be happy either. I get it,” she said.

“Four is going to be Cruella d’Ville. Girl, why you trying to kill puppies?” Michele asked.

She listed DC Comics villain Harley Quinn as her No. 3 pick, saying she thinks “she has a good heart but got a bad rep,” and mentioned Harley fell in with some bad guys.

“I know how that goes,” Michele said without naming any names.

Michele name-dropped her castmate Amanda Garcia for her second pick and added remarks.

“She hates on me. She hates on everyone. I mean, she might be a softie on the inside. I just don’t know it,” she said before listing Harry Potter villain Voldemort at the No. 1 spot.

In a follow-up tweet, Michele explained she “needed one Challenger” as part of the list, so Amanda got the spot.

“I just figured I needed one challenger in there and she’s self proclaimed satan so had to toss her a little shout out,” Michele tweeted, adding, “plus, I was trying to stick to a women’s only list but voldy needed #1 spot.”

screenshot of michele fitzgerald talking about her amanda garcia villain shout out
Michele responds on Twitter. Pic credit: @meeshfitz/Twitter

Amanda fired back at Michele’s ‘villain’ shout-out

While Michele’s remarks were relatively tame, Amanda didn’t seem happy to see her castmate talking about her, and the outspoken Challenge personality blasted her.

She tweeted a GIF from the classic movie Mean Girls and the line Rachel McAdams’ character says: “Why are you so obsessed with me?”

“You are out drinking (shocker) & stilllllllllll talking about me & the challenge? B**** get a LIFEEEEEEEE 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 & plz stop being so forced it’s SO CRINGEEEEEE,” Amanda said in her tweet.

It’s entirely possible that Amanda is upset she wasn’t in that No. 1 spot on Michele’s list of top villains and is trying to get to the top.

Michele last appeared on The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion, where she got purged just before the final started. That was after a season of her and ride-or-die Jay Starrett running a large alliance and getting many castmates to do their dirty work. However, despite all the hard work, Jay and Michele didn’t win the season.

She more recently appeared in the previously mentioned USA 2 spin-off on CBS, where she and Amanda butted heads early. Amanda cast a secret vote for Michele, which had the Survivor star facing early elimination.

Amanda trash-talked her from the spectator stands and later back at the house, but Michele backed away from the drama. Amanda continued with remarks on social media during the season beyond the televised episode.

It’s unknown if they’ll appear as castmates on Season 40, but one has to think they will clash again if that’s the case. Then again, Amanda has plenty of rivals and feuds, so she may be otherwise occupied while filming.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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