The Challenge: USA’s Sarah Lacina has sights set on rival in Episode 9 teaser trailer

sarah lacina during the challenge usa survivor meet the cast video
Sarah Lacina may try to take out her biggest rival in The Challenge: USA, Episode 9. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

With TJ Lavin’s final getting closer, The Challenge: USA competition is really heating up. However, several players still need to qualify for the final by earning enough money in their personal bank accounts.

One of those players is former Survivor winner Sarah Lacina, and based on a teaser trailer for Episode 9, she’ll be gunning for her main rival so far during the show.

After failing to win any daily challenges and only adding $1,500 to her bank account, Sarah needs a big win to become eligible for TJ’s final.

Meanwhile, it’s apparent she has a heated feud with castmate Angela Rummans and wants to find a way to eliminate her from the game.

That’s shown in footage previewing the upcoming episode for the CBS spinoff, where most of the women in the game are banding together against two others.

“She thinks she’s the H.B.I.C.? Angela, I’m comin’ for ya,” Sarah says in a side interview during the teaser trailer.

The Challenge: USA, Episode 9 teaser trailer drops

After The Challenge: USA, Episode 8 concluded on CBS, a teaser trailer arrived for Episode 9 featuring footage from the next installment. It included Danny McCray talking about someone being “stuck on why she didn’t know the plan.”

After his comments, the trailer footage shows a scene with Desi Williams, suggesting he might be talking about his Survivor ally.

“Listen b***hes, y’all have made the women take a backseat since we got here,” Sarah tells several castmates in another scene.

From there, a sound bite features Alyssa Lopez saying all the other women in the house are against her and Angela. That probably makes sense after Angela arranged a deal in Episode 8 with Ben and his Survivor guy friends to protect her and Alyssa.

A large stadium is shown as the site for the daily challenge. Players are seen carrying large plates down and placing them on game boards on the playing field. That’s when Sarah makes her side interview comments regarding Angela, and the Big Brother star is shown running in slow motion.

Check out the trailer below to see what’s on the way for Episode 9 of the spinoff show.

Two players still need to qualify for TJ’s final

In Episode 8, Survivor’s Ben Driebergen became the latest player to qualify for TJ’s final in The Challenge: USA. Ben won the daily challenge called Having a Blast, along with Angela, as they were the two fastest players to complete the task.

The losing player was Enzo, as he completed the task in the slowest amount of time, sending him straight to The Arena. However, Ben and Angela sent Leo in as his opponent, and it was a Hall Brawl.

Enzo easily won two rounds to oust Leo from the game and took all his bank account money, officially qualifying Enzo for the final.

With that in mind, only two players have yet to qualify for TJ’s final as they’ve yet to win any daily challenges or win enough from an elimination event.

As mentioned, Sarah has just $2,500 of the necessary $5,000 in her bank account. She won an elimination event with Leo as they defeated Cinco Holland and Azah Awasum (below). Unfortunately, the losing competitors only had $3,500 for Leo and Sarah to split.

Danny McCray also needs to hurry up if he wants to qualify for TJ’s final. As of Episode 8, he still has only $1,000 in his bank account. While he’s been safe from eliminations thanks to his alliance, he may have to volunteer for one soon to get that required money.

That won’t happen in Episode 9, though, as it will be a women’s elimination event. Will Sarah win the daily, or will she be the one volunteering to go into elimination?

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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