The Challenge: USA 2, Episode 6 recap: Wes Bergmann teases retirement and a superteam emerges

wes bergmann in the challenge usa 2 episode 6
Wes Bergmann in The Challenge: USA 2, Episode 6 at The Arena. Pic credit: Paramount+

Cassidy Clark returned to the house and celebrated her elimination win. She spoke about Wes Bergmann being someone she would target since he voted for her twice.

Dusty Harris was fired up after getting four votes against him for elimination. He revealed he shook hands with Alyssa Lopez, who told him she’d ensure he wouldn’t get any votes. Dusty speculated that Alyssa L., Alyssa Snider, Tiffany, and Mitchelle voted him in.

He blew up at Tiffany, even though she insisted she didn’t vote for him. It was revealed that Michele Fitzgerald, Cassidy Clark, Chanelle Howell, and Desi Williams gave him anonymous votes.

Tori Deal, Josh Martinez, Fessy Shafaat, and Johnny Bananas gloated about how Operation Hat Trick worked to cause chaos amongst the CBS reality TV stars.

Wes had a video call home to chat with his wife, Amanda. She showed him their dog Penny on the screen, and he talked in confessional about having to leave her at home while she was pregnant.

He said The Challenge has been a part of his life for about 20 years, but he was coming to grips with the fact that this might be the last time he’s there as he’ll become a father soon.

Tyler Crispen and Alyssa S. were shown connecting a bit more as they talked in a bedroom. Tyler said in his confessional that he liked Alyssa and would “see how it goes.”

TJ’s favorite daily challenge returns as teams play High-Q

It was time for TJ Lavin’s trivia in the High-Q daily challenge. Teams were on platforms above the water. They had to answer various questions and could respond as a team rather than individually.

If they got it wrong, the entire team’s platform would tilt down toward the water. The objective was to hold on using friction and body parts. The last team to have people remaining on a platform won the daily challenge.

Blue Team got one wrong first, as Bananas said a straight was a better hand than a royal flush in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

It came down to the Red Team and the Blue Team. After Michele and Chanelle dropped from Red, it was Tiffany versus most of the Blue Team. However, Tiffany didn’t know Coldplay was the artist who released A Rush of Blood to the Head. After she fell into the water, the Blue Team won the event.

Blue Team makes their picks for elimination

During their nomination meeting, Survivor players outnumbered the MTV vets. They wanted Tiffany as their top pick. Surprisingly, Wes was a unanimous vote, as even Bananas and Tori said his name.

Wes called himself a “really good-looking underdog” in his confessional after he was shown talking to Bananas and Tori about how voting went.

He went around and campaigned for castmates to vote for a woman. He spoke with Michele, Chanelle, Josh, Cory Wharton, Dusty, Tyler, and Monte Taylor. Wes shook hands with multiple people, but Michele had a separate meeting with castmates about voting for a guy.

Later, Wes spoke to Dusty and Bananas in a bedroom. He was in tears talking about expecting a kid back home and seemed to be saying this was his final season. Desi joked in her confessional that it was Wes being manipulative with a sad story to get others to help him out.

Who went home in Episode 6 elimination?

Wes and Tiffany joined TJ on the ground level of The Arena. He then revealed how the voting went for potential opponents.

Alyssa. S had two votes, Michaela one, and Chanelle one. Dusty got seven, and his name was pulled from The Hopper. Previous USA 2 spoilers had this elimination order slightly off.

He was fired up and called some castmates “cowards” before the elimination. TJ revealed they were playing Cranked Shaft tonight, and the event involved one player standing on a large crankshaft.

Their opponent had to go to stations and free steering wheels by untying knots. Those wheels were then used on the crankshaft to make it turn and try to throw their opponent off balance up top. Whoever stayed on the crankshaft apparatus the longest won.

Dusty stayed balanced for a while until Wes turned the wheels. Dusty eventually stumbled at one point and fell into the mud pool below.

Next, Wes was on top of the large turning item while Dusty had to untie the steering wheels. Dusty seemed to be moving quickly and got helpful advice from Desi to free a second wheel. He placed it at the crankshaft and began to turn it, so Wes had to find his footing.

The experienced MTV veteran kept his balance briefly before falling into the mud pool. Bananas came down to The Arena’s ground level to comfort Wes after the presumed loss. Wes told him it was his “time to go home.”

In a surprise announcement, TJ revealed that Wes won the event by 37 seconds. Dusty told TJ he’d be back “and better than ever.” Wes had to decide to stay on Green Team or defect to another team.

He took Chris Underwood’s spot on the Blue Team, joining vets Bananas, Tori, and Fessy. Wes said this created a team of super Challengers. He threw his Green Team shirt into the mud pit and joined Blue, where his rival Cassidy is the captain.

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