The Challenge star Trishelle Cannatella reveals biggest reality TV regret was fight with castmate

trishelle cannatella face shot from the challenge all stars
Trishelle Cannatella on The Challenge: All Stars season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Trishelle Cannatella was one of the two winners of The Traitors 2, alongside her fellow MTV star, Chris “CT” Tamburello.

They were two of the three players from The Challenge who appeared on the second season of Peacock’s show, along with Johnny Bananas.

Their background in reality TV competition helped them with the Traitors as it involves strategy, challenges, betrayal, and backstabbing to outwit opponents.

While Trishelle appeared at The Traitors 2 reunion, she also returned for another appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

During the sit-down interview, she answered questions about her time on MTV’s shows and The Traitors 2.

Among them, she revealed her biggest regret from her reality television career, which unsurprisingly involved a fight with her castmate on The Challenge.

Trishelle revealed her biggest reality TV regret

While appearing on the recent WWHL, Trishelle was asked about her biggest reality TV regret, whether it was from The Real World: Las Vegas, The Challenge, or The Traitors 2.

It wasn’t her voting Mercedes “MJ” Javid out of The Traitors 2 finale or related to her drunken escapades from The Real World. Instead, it was a fight she had with a good friend and castmate on MTV’s The Challenge.

“Definitely, like 14 years ago, I had a fight with one of my now good friends, Aneesa [Ferreira],” she shared, adding, “In fact, the episode was so tough to watch, I haven’t seen the whole thing.”

Andy asked her what it’s like to see herself on The Real World episodes now since she was so young and wild back then.

Trishelle said it wasn’t as bad watching herself back now because these days, “now it’s not a big deal to be sexual on camera,” whereas it was when she appeared on that season of MTV’s show.

What was Aneesa and Trishelle’s fight on The Challenge?

The fight Trishelle referenced occurred during The Challenge: Rivals II season. At one point, Jemmye Carroll told her castmate Aneesa that Trishelle was “talking s**t” about her.

During some of the footage, Trishelle was going on about how Aneesa confronted a drunk Trishelle, and things escalated, with Trishelle throwing insults and swinging at her castmate. Aneesa held her off with one arm.

“You can’t fight boo boo, so it does not matter,” Aneesa told her drunk castmate at one point.

Eventually, other Challenge castmates intervened to break things up before it got really messy. Trishelle stormed off to go to sleep but clearly regretted the argument.

It was her last MTV season of The Challenge, as she self-eliminated herself from that season, too.

Years later, the fight remained with her until she and Aneesa reunited as castmates on The Challenge: All Stars. In an early moment, Trishelle and Aneesa talked over their previous differences and seemingly moved past their drama to have a friendship.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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