The Challenge star Cara Maria Sorbello calls out ‘God awful’ castmates for ‘nice things’ they said about her

cara maria sorbello from the challenge final reckoning
Cara Maria Sorbello during The Challenge: Final Reckoning season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Cara Maria Sorbello, a two-time champion of MTV’s The Challenge, has received plenty of praise during her time on and off reality TV.

Many fans hope to see her return to the competition series again, as she’s been away from it for several years with no real explanation from MTV or The Challenge.

It’s even perplexed and frustrated some of her former castmates, including Zach Nichols, who recently called it “a travesty” that Cara’s been “canceled” from the show.

Zach commented last week on the GOHT Media podcast and praised Cara as the GOAT among female cast members of The Challenge. He later said he owed her and castmate Kailah Casillas an apology for a previous season.

Soon after Zach’s comments began circulating online via social media, Cara uploaded a video in which she spoke about the “nice things” some castmates say.

However, she called out some of her former castmates’ positive or kind remarks, suggesting fans must consider the source and the reason behind their comments.

Cara calls out former castmates for saying ‘nice things’ about her

Taking to her Facebook Story, Cara uploaded a short video clip to give fans her thoughts on her castmates’ remarks about her. She didn’t mention any specific names in her clip, though.

“Hi guys, so recently, and throughout the years, some castmates who have been absolutely God-awful pieces of s**t to me have said something nice about me- though very true, very true things,” she said.

“They’ve said nice things, or they’ve come to my defense online or on Twitter or something like that, and you guys just rush to me, and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, this person used to be such a horrible piece of s**t to you and then they said something nice to you. Isn’t that like the greatest thing? Aren’t they amazing? Aren’t they wonderful?'” she said.

From there, Cara told fans to consider the source of the remarks and what they might be trying to achieve by speaking kindly of her now.

“Ask yourself why they’re saying nice things about me. Is it maybe because of the reaction you guys have given them? Or ask yourself, ‘Hey, have they reached out to [me] directly? Have they texted? Have they called? Have they said anything personally to you to apologize?'”

“Or are they just doing it online for the reaction they’re getting from you guys? Yeah? F**k these people,” Cara said in concluding her video.

A YouTube clip shows Cara’s minute-long video about her castmates’ comments.

Zach recently apologized to his Challenge castmates on podcast

During the previously mentioned GOHT Media podcast episode, Zach was praised for Cara’s impressive elimination wins and career on The Challenge. He put her atop the list of female greats from the show and discussed why he thought Johnny Bananas deserved more credit from fans.

In speaking about his early dislike for Cara, Zachc explained that he initially thought she was “fake.” However, he said he later realized she was “just weird” and eventually figured out it was due to her being an only child.

Zach said he just started “treating her like a little sister” while they were filming the show and “teasing her and making fun of her,” as an older brother would do. He said that later led to an “unspoken” pact between him and Cara that they wouldn’t vote each other into any eliminations.

Later during the podcast episode, he mentioned that he owed an apology to both Cara and Kailah for them helping him in a previous season.

“I owe her and Kailah, two only children actually, an apology,” he said, mentioning he never knew that they “were the only reason” he made it to the final in Vendettas.

“I thought my boy Tony [Raine] carried me. I called him out for that the next season,” Zach shared, saying he thought he was “good” because of Tony.

However, Cara and Kailah were his “number ones all season long,” Zach admitted.

“I apologize to both of them. They were the reason I got to the final in Vendettas, and it makes me really happy that Cara won because we helped each other,” he said.

Zach brought up how he and Cara reached the puzzle at the end of the final and cleared it off the board so they could leave the scene.

“In reality, we worked together that whole season. She’s the only reason I got [to the final],” Zach said on the podcast.

Zach also reached the final in War of the Worlds 2, where he was part of Team USA, which featured Cara with her boyfriend, Paulie Calafiore. The couple orchestrated an alliance throughout the season and controlled the game in their favor.

However, Team USA, which featured Zach, Cara, Paulie, and others, failed to win against Team UK in the final.

While Cara didn’t mention any names in her recent clip, Zach was among the few recent castmates praising her publicly. Her remarks about someone not reaching out or contacting her directly to apologize could be directed at him or several other castmates.

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