The Challenge spoilers: Who wins the USA 2 final in Episode 14?

tj lavin at the challenge usa 2 final episode 13
TJ Lavin is back to host another final for The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: USA 2 will crown two individuals as its champions after enduring daily challenges, eliminations, voting, and the overall stress of the game.

However, first, there will be a final featuring a group of competitors who officially qualified for it as of Episode 13.

The USA 2 episode concluded with a double elimination as a unique men’s and women’s Hall Brawl was held at The Arena.

In the event, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat and Chanelle Howell eliminated Josh Martinez and Cassidy Clark.

That left eight worthy competitors to battle it out at the final, which viewers are hoping outdoes the first season’s in terms of its fairness and complexity.

Here are spoilers for who will win The Challenge: USA 2 season ahead of the season finale on CBS.

The Challenge: USA 2 finalists include MTV and Survivor stars

At the start of The Challenge: USA 2 season, CBS reality TV stars from The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Survivor assembled to participate in the unique competition series.

A twist arrived for the spinoff show’s second season when six stars from MTV’s The Challenge arrived to join the game on jetskis from the nearby water. The USA 2 season started with three teams, which changed based on elimination winners and losers.

However, it eventually became an individual game, with everyone trying to ensure they had the right allies and strategies to reach the final.

Three original MTV Challengers remain as USA 2’s final arrives in Episode 14, including Ride or Dies champion Tori Deal, multi-time finalist Cory Wharton, and seven-time champion Johnny Bananas.

Fessy is also in the final, and although he was considered one of the CBS stars from Big Brother, he has become known as an MTV Challenge regular.

Those four are joined by a group of four strategic and skilled Survivor stars who outwitted and outlasted many of their fellow competitors. They include Michaela Bradshaw, Desi Williams, Chanelle, and Chris Underwood.

Who wins The Challenge: USA 2 final?

The Challenge: USA 2, Episode 14 is called The Pursuit of Glory and will feature the final, with competitors enduring various tasks to cross the finish line. It will be a two-day final but likely condensed into one episode.

A preview clip arrived from @thechallenge on Instagram to give a glimpse of host TJ Lavin welcoming the finalists to the start.

In the spinoff’s first season, viewers saw competitors travel through water and across land and solve various puzzles. A challenging sudoku puzzle checkpoint cost many of the USA finalists a chance to get to the finish line.

Desi is the only finalist from the first spinoff season who is back for the second season’s final. Viewers who saw her first season saw Desi’s heartbreaking exit from the final due to her teammate quitting during a swimming task in the final’s first leg.

However, based on the spoiler results, this will be the Survivor star’s redemption as she will be the winner for the women’s side, besting Chanelle, Michaela, and Challenge winner Tori.

On the men’s side, another Survivor star wins, as fierce competitor Chris will come out ahead of the experienced MTV stars to claim his half of the $500,000 prize. This is Chris’ first foray into The Challenge, and he’s officially shown his ability to survive the game and defeat some of the best MTV stars around.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS. The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion premieres Wednesday, October 25 at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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