The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas makes surprise appearance with ex in Season 39 video months after breakup

johnny bananas in the challenge total madness
Johnny Bananas popped up in a video for The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion to surprise fans. Pic credit: MTV

Johnny Bananas has explored romantic relationships with several castmates from The Challenge, including Morgan Willett, Natalie Negrotti, and Nany Gonzalez.

Several of those showmances lasted for an extended time after filming the competition show, while others were shortlived.

In his return for MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, he was in yet another showmance with one of the rookies.

Moriah Jadea, who entered the game as Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat’s teammate, became involved with Bananas, leading to an alliance and dating.

They seemed to continue after filming ended, but speculation arrived months ago that they split up and may not be on the best terms.

However, a new video featuring stars of MTV’s competition show recently arrived and features a surprise appearance by the former couple together on-screen.

See Bananas with Moriah in The Challenge 39 video

On Tuesday, @thechallenge unveiled a new video clip to promote Season 39, Battle for a New Champion. The Challenge host, TJ Lavin, is featured on-screen as he makes video calls to various cast members, letting them know they were selected for the season.

Among the individuals shown during the footage are former finalists Olivia Kaiser and Melissa Reeves. Olivia tells TJ she’s training at a fire department while Melissa is in her car and shows her baby Vienna with her.

Other cast members in the clip include Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Colleen Schneider, Hughie Maughan, and Asaf Goren. Asaf, a one-episode-and-done competitor on Total Madness, said he’s been “waiting four years” to get this call.

Perhaps the most interesting footage brings seven-time Challenge champion Johnny Bananas into the video. However, he appears during TJ’s call to Moriah.

“Alright, TJ, you’re gonna have to lose my number, OK? We’re done,” Bananas tells TJ before he can speak to Moriah.

“Gonna have to move on, and I suggest you do the same,” Bananas tells The Challenge host in a funny exchange.

TJ tells Moriah he’ll “see her soon” for Season 39 before the video call and clip ends. With that, it might add a bit of intrigue as to whether or not Bananas has any involvement in the upcoming season of The Challenge.

Is Johnny Bananas in Season 39 of The Challenge?

As seen in the promotional clip, Bananas was still with Moriah during that video call. However, it came ahead of the filming for Season 39, when it seems Bananas and Moriah’s relationship went off track.

Moriah left to film the show, but Bananas was not included in the main cast since he’s already a multi-time champion. However, some mercenary players were revealed for the show- former Challenge champions who compete in one elimination before leaving.

They include heavy hitters like Chris “CT” Tamburello, Jordan Wiseley, Tori Deal, and Cara Maria Sorbello.

Bananas isn’t among those players, and there are rumors it’s due to Moriah cheating on him during the filming of The Challenge 39. She may be shown in footage during the episodes with one of her castmates, possibly leading to the breakup and the reason Bananas chose to stay away from the new season.

Monsters and Critics reported about Bananas unfollowing Moriah online several months ago, suggesting that things officially ended between them and that possibly they weren’t amicable now.

Bananas generally doesn’t share many details about his relationships or cheating allegations, so the only way fans might find out is from Moriah or someone close to the matter.

He’s already teased the possibility of a few other showmances with new reality TV castmates, too.

That said, fans who want to see Bananas can check him out on The Challenge: USA 2 episodes via Paramount+ and E!’s new reality show House of Villains.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion premieres Wednesday, October 25 at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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