The Challenge spoilers: All Stars competitor reveals they needed surgery, rehab due to injury

cast members for the challenge all stars in first episode
The Challenge: All Stars cast awaits instructions for their first mission. Pic credit: Paramount+

For those who thought The Challenge: All Stars spinoff might take it easier on the older OG competitors, that’s far from the case with the spinoff season.

In just the first few episodes, viewers have seen several competitors need assistance with a tough part of their daily challenge and have seen a very physical elimination event. That first elimination even resulted in an injury for the eliminated competitor.

However, another of the All Stars cast members recently revealed some spoilers for the Challenge spinoff, saying they had surgery and are on medical leave as they do some rehab after the show.

The Challenge: All Stars featured brutal first mission and elimination

While many of The Challenge: All Stars are 40 or older, they’ve been welcomed back to the show they appeared on previously with updated challenges. That means no holding back in terms of the physical difficulty, as it looks like production could use some of these challenges on the regular seasons of the show.

In just the first episode of All Stars, they had Deep Blue Dive, which was partly solving math equations. The other part required every team member to attempt to swim out into a cold body of water and try to dive down to unhook a block attached to a chain. Once they had that block, they had to bring it back to shore for part of the final math puzzle.

While some competitors were able to do the swimming and dive, others struggled. They needed lifeguards or even medics to help them after attempting it. Cast member Kendal Sheppard shared she “nearly blacked out twice” during that first mission and needed a while to recover on shore after the swim attempt.

Later in the episode, viewers were treated to the first elimination of the All Stars season, and it was one seen recently in The Challenge’s regular seasons. Laterrian Wallace and Ace Amerson competed in Pole Wrestle, where they each held onto the same pole and had to try to wrestle it away.

Laterrian, who had some size and strength on Ace, was able to pick him up and drive him down into the ground with the pole to pull it away eventually. He used the strategy in two straight rounds to win the elimination, sending Ace home.

Following the airing of the episode, Ace revealed he had suffered a broken rib from that elimination. It required him to be “laid up in bed for about two weeks,” but he said it was worth it so he could reunite with his OG friends for a bit.

Cast member reveals spoilers for upcoming injury

There appear to be more injuries on the way for the All Stars season. While trailers and promotional clips have shown competitors on the ground in pain or having their faces bloodied, they may not have shown one competitor’s situation.

According to Road Rules and Challenge star Jisela Delgado, she also suffered an injury during the course of the spinoff season. During a recent appearance on the Reality NSFW podcast video, host Jonny Fairplay asked her what she’s been up to since the filming ended.

“Nothing, I’m at home rehabbing. I’m on medical leave,” Jisela shared, adding, “I had to have surgery on my leg and I just had surgery on my abdomen.”

Podcast host Jonny Fairplay asked if they were Challenge injuries and Jisela confirmed at least one of them was.

“One of them is, and you shall see in the very near future what that looked like,” she shared to let them know it’s possibly in one of the next several episodes.

Due to the injury rehab, Jisela said she’s mostly been at home taking it easy. However, she also revealed she’d love to get on a season of Dancing With the Stars in the future, if possible.

Host Jonny Fairplay, a former Survivor competitor, also suggested Jisela seems like she’d be perfect for the CBS reality show. Based on her toughness, leadership, and effective strategizing from The Challenge, that seems like it could be a wise casting choice once she’s got her injuries rehabbed.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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