The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 2, Episode 7 trailer teases big challenge, deals made, and friendship tested

cohutta grindstaff and casey cooper in the challenge all stars 2
Cohutta Grindstaff and Casey Cooper in The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 7. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge spoilers for All Stars 2, Episode 7 arrived after the sixth installment in the spinoff show and looks like it could have some serious implications for the game.

At the tail end of each episode of All Stars is a teaser trailer, and the latest showcases the upcoming daily challenge, which host TJ Lavin promises will be “big.”

He also mentions he has some “good news and bad news” for the competitors, as footage shows individuals with some interesting reactions.

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Read on for more of The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers and a sneak peek at the upcoming episode.

The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 7 teaser trailer

In All Stars 2, Episode 6, viewers saw the cast members divided up into pairs of men and women before competing in the Deep Dive daily challenge.

That featured competitors jumping into the water below and then swimming beneath the surface to retrieve puzzle pieces before returning to shore to solve the puzzle.

The latest teaser trailer for Episode 7 shows a mission that will take place on the roadway, sort of. Competitors are harnessed and hanging on an apparatus that spins around on the top of a truck.

While it looks fun, host TJ Lavin tells them he has “good news and bad news,” which could mean many things. That could mean a team that thought they won gets disqualified for not following the rules or that more than one team might finish in last place.

The trailer teases more beyond that, including Laterrian Wallace making it known that if someone wants him out of the game, they need to step up to him. There’s also a deal that appears to be made as Cohutta Grindstaff and MJ Garrett shake hands.

Nehemiah Clark has a line about friendships before the trailer closes with Brad Fiorenza. In Episode 6, he mentioned his friendship with Nehemiah, adding it was strange because they’re working for different “teams.”

Check out the entire teaser trailer for Episode 7 below:

All Stars 2 eliminated competitors and Episode 7 teams

Each episode of The Challenge: All Stars 2 featured two competitors eliminated from the game. While the majority lost in elimination events, a few got eliminated without ever competing.

The premiere episode didn’t have an elimination, but in Episode 2, Ayanna Mackins defeated Leah Gillingwater while Nehemiah defeated Derek Chavez.

Episode 3 saw two-time champion Jodi Weatherton win her first elimination, defeating Sophia Pasquis, and Cohutta defeat Ryan Kehoe.

In the fourth episode, Ayanna went into her second elimination of the season and won again, this time getting rid of Katie Cooley. In an epic matchup, Brad defeated his friend, Derrick Kosinski, sending the OG home for the season.

The fifth episode featured Tina Barta getting voted in against Melinda Collins. However, only Melinda competed when the event started, as Tina stood in the center of the Arena to allow her opponent an easy victory. Teck “Money” Holmes proved to be the better competitor against Steve Meinke in the men’s round.

Episode 6 brought an unfortunate medical DQ for Kendal Sheppard, with no further details about why she went home. Earlier in the episode, she said she felt one of her ribs had shifted and had difficulty breathing. She didn’t return after going to the hospital to get checked out.

Meanwhile, her teammate from the episode, Laterrian, went into the elimination and defeated Tyler Duckworth, sending the two-time champ home from All Stars 2.

A twist arrived earlier in Episode 6, as everyone partnered up for the daily challenge. After the event was over, TJ informed them they’d be working as partners from now on. Elimination voting now features partners rather than individuals getting nominated.

When Episode 7 arrives, it’ll be Laterrian with Jasmine Reynaud, Ayanna with Teck, Jodi with Brad, Darrell Taylor with Janelle Casaneve, Casey Cooper with Cohutta, Nehemiah with Melinda, and Jonna Mannion with MJ.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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