The Challenge Season 39: Nurys Mateo says Aneesa Ferreira ‘was right’ about castmate Olivia Kaiser

nurys mateo face shot from the challenge 39 episode 16 on mtv
Nurys Mateo in The Challenge Season 39, Episode 16. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge’s Nurys Mateo revealed that her Ride or Dies castmate, Aneesa Ferreira, was the one who pointed out Olivia Kaiser wasn’t being a true friend.

After bonding through their rookie season, Olivia and Nurys returned as castmates for MTV’s The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion.

Several of their Ride or Dies castmates also returned for Season 39, including Olivia’s friend Horacio Gutierrez, with whom she reached the final.

During the newest season, Nurys and Horacio developed a showmance, which progressed to the point that they’ve kept dating after filming.

The newest season also featured Nurys receiving surprising information while on a video call with her brother at The Challenge house.

That call informed her that her friend Olivia had been talking behind her back, although Nurys didn’t believe it until things unfolded later in the season during a moment of betrayal.

Nurys says Aneesa shared surprising details about Olivia

Nurys went on social media in a live video following Episode 16 of Season 39. In that episode, viewers saw Olivia get saved by Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald’s alliance, so she didn’t have to face elimination.

Instead of picking Nurys or Horacio to save, Olivia chose their fellow Ride or Dies castmate, Moriah Jadea. Then, the other members of the large alliance were saved – one by one. Ultimately, this led to Nurys going against Horacio and Kyland Young in elimination, and the two guys got sent home.

Later, Nurys revealed to Olivia what her brother told her on the video call earlier in the season. Nurys said she hadn’t thought it was true until the betrayal. This led to what appeared to be the end of their friendship during the filming of Season 39.

“I’ve heard a bunch of people saying me and her are cool again after the season, and that’s not the case,” Nurys said, adding, “Watching this back pissed me off even more, and honestly, hearing my family be upset bothers me.”

“And also, for all of you guys who tried to say that Aneesa was a liar, Aneesa was not a liar. Aneesa was right. Aneesa was being a good friend by telling my brother what she learned prior to the season,” she said.

Nurys shared that Aneesa “knew that Olivia was talking s**t” about her because they were friends before Season 39.

Episode 16 was fittingly titled Family Knows Best, suggesting that the information Nurys received earlier in the season via her brother about Olivia’s eventual betrayal was accurate.

From Ride or Dies castmates and friends to rivals?

Aneesa was among the veteran cast members in the Ride or Dies season. She initially teamed with her friend, James, but he exited the show early, and Jordan Wiseley became her new partner.

Nurys and Olivia were among the rookies appearing that season, as Nurys partnered with Nelson, and Olivia teamed with Horacio.

Olivia and Horacio performed impressively well as rookies, reaching the final in their first season of The Challenge. Other finalists included Aneesa and Jordan, Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez, and the show winners, Devin Walker and Tori Deal.

Olivia bonded with Aneesa and Nurys while castmates and formed friendships after filming. Therefore, Aneesa had the inside details that Olivia was talking about Nurys behind her back.

Nurys shared that Aneesa told Nurys’ brother Olivia didn’t consider Nurys a friend and was going to screw her over “whatever chance she got.” Nurys said those who called Aneesa a liar should take back what they said about her because she was right all along.

Viewers may see more of Nurys’ feud with Olivia when Episode 17 arrives as she heads back to the house a winner but also furious over how things went down. In addition, there’s the Season 39 reunion special on the way with more potential drama, as Nurys and Olivia were both in attendance.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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