The Challenge Season 37: Fessy Shafaat tells fans ‘wake up’ after Josh Martinez’s move in Episode 2

fessy shafaat during the challenge season 37 deliberation
Fessy Shafaat is firing back at fans after Josh Martinez’s game move in Spies, Lies and Allies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 37 is called Spies, Lies & Allies, and some of those lies have already popped up in the first few episodes.

In Episode 1, the different stories about Michaela Bradshaw’s list got her voted into elimination. In Episode 2, Josh Martinez made up a story in a chess move to get rid of his rookie castmate, Kelz Dyke.

Viewers seemed to enjoy how the rookie stood up to Josh during deliberation, suggesting he was “shook” to face him in future competition.

Many fans have latched onto the idea that Josh was scared, which has prompted Josh’s castmate, Fessy Shafaat, to fire back.

Fessy fires back at The Challenge fans: ‘Wake up’

In Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 3, Josh Martinez pulled off a sneaky move at deliberation where he accused rookie Kelz Dyke of making deals with different veterans and rookies.

Kelz spoke up, asking him to name names and telling Josh that was a “fake lie.” He even suggested that the former Big Brother star was afraid to face him as the season continued.

That was definitely hinted at by conversations that the vets had, with Josh saying Kelz was a threat. However, a recent tweet from Josh’s veteran castmate Fessy Shafaat suggests Josh isn’t scared.

“Aye if Josh was scared he would’ve stayed silent not call dude out in front of everybody. It’s called playing the game. Wake up. He just doing it better than your favorite,” Fessy tweeted.

fessy shafaat defends josh martinez after season 37 episode 2
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Twitter

It’s worth noting that this is Josh’s fifth season on The Challenge. For his career, he’s racked up 15 wins in daily challenges and his first win in elimination on Double Agents.

However, unlike Fessy, Josh has yet to compete in TJ Lavin’s final, which could be a glaring mark on his resume. Playing the game involves making moves and getting to that final for a chance at the prize money.

Challenge fans and viewers react to Fessy defending Josh

Fessy’s tweet had many Challenge fans or viewers firing back at what he said. Some called out Josh for being afraid to go up against Kelz in the future and also pointed out his lack of success on the show.

One fan summed things up well, though, saying that Kelz was a “threat” to both Josh and Fessy but that the rookie would be back.

challenge fan replies to fessy defending challenge castmate
Pic credit: @CHami71/Twitter

“Oh he’s scared. If he didn’t have you to hide behind this week he would have been silent as everyone else,” another person replied.

challenge fan replies to fessy shafaat tweet about josh
Pic credit: @allarie_matt/Twitter

Another fan of the show replied to Fessy, letting him know that Josh’s stats suggest he’s not playing the game well and that rookie Corey Lay has as many elimination wins in fewer seasons.

challenge fan points out josh martinez elimination record
Pic credit: @joshuamc77/Twitter

Several fans also gave Josh credit for the chess move he pulled to eliminate a rookie cast member that posed a threat to the vets.

fan replies fessy shafaat tweet about josh chess move
Pic credit: @alleisha_romain/Twitter

As a fan mentioned above, Kelz Dyke will likely be back, and most likely, so will Josh and Fessy. Based on comments from seven-time champ Johnny Bananas, Kelz could be a legend in the making, based on what he’s shown in his limited time on The Challenge.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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