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The Challenge Season 36 spoilers: Episode 19 details arrive for conclusion of Double Agents final

the challenge double agents final competitors
Four teams started TJ Lavin’s final in The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 18. Pic credit: MTV

After a cliffhanger ending for the first part of TJ Lavin’s final, many fans are anticipating The Challenge: Double Agents finale to see which teams end up continuing on to the end, and who wins it.

In Episode 18, viewers watched one team set the bar already as far as who may be the top contenders. Another pair was close behind them, while one team seemed to be in serious trouble as the episode closed.

Now, with Episode 19 details available, it could bring The Challenge Season 36 spoilers for what to expect when TJ’s final concludes.

Double Agents final had cliffhanger to end Episode 18

Four teams made it to the Double Agents final after enduring a season full of tough challenges, eliminations, and in-game drama. Some of them went through multiple teammates to get to the end.

The final started in Double Agents Episode 18 as agents were facing the tail end of a hurricane in Iceland. Competing were the teams of Chris “CT” Tamburello with Amber Borzotra, Kam Williams with Cory Wharton, Fessy Shafaat with Kaycee Clark, and Leroy Garrett with Nany Gonzalez. After TJ Lavin blew the horn to begin the final, agents raced across rough Iceland terrain to reach the first checkpoint.

CT and Amber were able to gain an advantage by winning the first checkpoint. It was a repeat of the Episode 1 mission involving agents running up a hill to grab a capsule with a color code. Agents had to memorize the order of colors to match up wires inside a briefcase so they could detonate their station. CT won for the men’s heat, and then his teammate Amber won for the women’s heat.

Amber completed the checkpoint in the quickest time of any of the agents. She received the option to decide if she wanted to stay with her teammate CT or steal any other available partner. She stuck with CT based on their early success.

Next, teams had to run to their second checkpoint, which involved eating disgusting foods. Throughout the final, Fessy continued to yell at Kaycee to keep up her pace. Unfortunately, she pushed a bit too hard, and at one point, hurt her knee while running alongside a mountain area.

With Kaycee down in pain, Fessy went back and then called medics over to check on her. She ended up getting her knee wrapped, and then Fessy assisted her in hobbling to the next checkpoint. All of the other teams were already there and had started ahead of them.

Based on Kaycee’s injury, Fessy was unsure if they had any chance left to win the final. While Kaycee started to eat the various disgusting food with tears in her eyes, Fessy wasn’t really trying to eat anything.

CT and Amber won the checkpoint and received a bonus for winning. They were given a dessert plate with more disgusting food on it that they could hand off to one team to give them a disadvantage. The episode ended with them trying to decide which team to give the plate to.

Episode 19 details for Double Agents finale

At the start of the final, TJ Lavin mentioned a purge, as only three teams would make it past the first day. So that means one team won’t be continuing when the conclusion of the Double Agents finale arrives.

An Instagram fan account based on The Challenge showed the upcoming Episode 19 details for The World Is Not Enough, another tribute to a James Bond movie title. The episode details confirm one team will be worried about continuing in the game, which is likely Fessy and Kaycee.

Based on the Episode 19 sneak peek trailer, very little footage was shown of them participating in the next part of the final after the eating checkpoint. One scene showed Fessy finally attempting to eat, though.

the challenge 36 spoilers for double agents finale
Pic credit: @thechallengeoverdose/Instagram Story

The details above also reveal that the episode will be just over an hour and thirty minutes, unlike the first part of the final, which was only an hour long. Note that the episode’s start time will be 8 p.m. Eastern Time (7 p.m. CT) as they have been each week.

When all is said and done, one of the three remaining teams will claim $900,000 as winners of The Challenge: Double Agents season.

The Challenge: Double Agents finale airs Wednesday at 8/7c on MTV.

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