The Challenge Season 36 spoilers: Details for eliminations, house voting, and what winners get

the challenge season 36 spoilers for eliminations voting and what winners get
The Challenge: Total Madness host TJ Lavin at an elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge Season 36 spoilers, fans who can’t wait to be surprised are learning how the new reality competition series will work.

This includes key details for how the newest season’s elimination voting will work and what winners will get when they manage to make it out of the elimination.

Keep on reading to find out that information, or for those who prefer to see it as it happens, wait for the official Challenge Season 36 to arrive on MTV.

How voting for eliminations will work on Season 36

On Total Madness, voting for eliminations was done in a few ways. After each day’s challenge, a Tribunal formed, typically consisting of the winning player(s) choosing several more people to be in the Tribunal with them. Or, it was a winning team from the day’s challenge.

That group would get to select some potential candidates to go into the elimination. From there, the Tribunal got to interrogate each candidate privately. Later that night at elimination, each Tribunal member openly gave their vote for which candidate they wanted to send in. The majority would rule in terms of who went into elimination.

The other person (or people) going into the elimination came from the rest of The Challenge cast voting for who they thought should go in. On Total Madness, there were many people just nominating themselves to go in and get their Red Skull.

The Season 36 format is a bit different and brings a nice change. Votes will be cast anonymously by each cast member rather than in an open meeting.

However, an interesting twist is that whichever player won that day’s challenge will get to see how each of the cast voted. That could come into play with alliances and other aspects of playing the game.

What does the elimination winner get?

In the previous seasons of The Challenge, the person who won the elimination got a prize. On War of the Worlds 2, the winning player in elimination got to choose if they wanted to return to their team or become a “turncoat” and go to the other country’s team (USA or UK).

Season 36 is The Challenge: Double Agents and will involve cast members in male-female pairs. When a person wins an elimination this season, they’ll get to choose to return to be with their partner or swap to get a different partner. They can also choose to partner with a “Rogue Agent.” These are players that lost their partner in elimination.

There’s also the Red Skull’s return, but this time it will be called a Gold Skull, per Vevmo’s forum post. The Red Skull was on Total Madness and was basically a sticker for a competitor’s helmet. They obtained this by winning an elimination. Players needed to have a Red Skull to be eligible to compete in the final.

As of this writing, they’ve yet to announce the official season premiere for The Challenge: Double Agents, but viewers are certainly ready to see how this new installment goes!

The Challenge Season 36 premiere date is TBA on MTV.

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