The Challenge Season 36: Episode 11 clip has Nany calling Josh ‘way too creepy’ during team talk

nany gonzalez on the challenge double agents episode 11
The Challenge’s Nany Gonzalez talks with her teammate during Double Agents Episode 11. Pic credit: MTV

Based on a new clip, The Challenge Season 36, Episode 11 will feature one competitor possibly becoming too close for comfort with their teammate.

Teams are talking strategy ahead of the latest daily mission, but also planning for how they will get or defend their Gold Skulls in an elimination event.

That includes the team of Josh Martinez and Nany Gonzalez, with Nany finding Josh to possibly be acting a bit too strange for her liking.

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Josh and Nany talk Skulls in Double Agents Episode 11

Josh and Nany weren’t partnered up at the start of the season, but they ended up as partners thanks to Kyle Christie’s elimination win. Kyle defeated rookie Joseph Allen in an early episode and then decided to trade Nany for Kam Williams as his new partner.

That made Josh and Nany a team by default. Since they’re friends, they were fine with it. Josh was able to earn his Gold Skull in a recent episode by defeating rookie Mechie Harris and decided to stick with his girl Nany after the win.

Nany wanted to go into the Episode 10 elimination. Instead, Amber Borzotra was sent in, defended Amber M, and took the Skull.

With one Gold Skull left for the ladies, Nany still needs hers. Based on the elimination orders, there could be a men’s elimination in Episode 11. During a clip released by MTV ahead of the episode airing, Josh admits he’s not worried about going into elimination to defend his Skull.

“I obviously don’t want to go back into [elimination], but I’m at the point where, like if for some reason it plays out that I have to defend my Skull, I feel confident in going down,” Josh tells Nany.

She tells him, “Yeah, but don’t put that out there” in terms of telling others in the house. Josh tells her he’s only telling her about this. However, things get a bit weirder for Nany as her teammate starts to gaze at her, smiling away.

“Why are you staring at me with that smile on your face Josh? Don’t,” Nany tells her teammate as he laughs and tries to give a hug.

“No, you’re getting way too creepy these days,” Nany tells Josh with a chuckle. It appears to be all love, but more of a platonic or brother and sister love, as far as Nany goes.

Josh’s other Challenge castmate seemed open to dating

While it seems like a harmless joke between Nany and Josh, he has been shown crushing on other competitors in The Challenge’s previous seasons. That included his first-ever partner on The Challenge, Amanda Garcia. As a rookie on War of the Worlds, he became Amanda’s partner after her original teammate was injured during the opening mission.

Amanda wasn’t really into it and didn’t want to have a relationship with the Big Brother star. However, he still stuck up for her during heated arguments and had a few emotional arguments of his own with her.

He was also seen showing interest in UK competitor Georgia Harrison during War of the Worlds 2 and even shared some moments with her, but it never went beyond that.

During a 2019 interview with People (below), Georgia spoke about her former romantic interest, Stevie Bear, and, as the host called it, her “fauxmance” with Josh.

Georgia admitted during that interview that Josh messaged her regularly to tell her how much he loves her. During that, she also said he was sweet, and she was planning to go to Miami to see him soon.

She also confessed that they “snogged,” aka kissed a bit, during the reunion show. Georgia admitted that she thought if they were living in the same country, they would date. That obviously never happened, though, but it’s likely they are good friends.

Georgia Harrison Reveals 'Weird' Moment She Should've Known Joss 'Couldn't Be Trusted' | PeopleTV

As far as Nany goes, she actually lives in the states. However, it appears she’s content to be a good friend or like a big sister for the Big Brother star. Josh may feel differently, and Double Agents Episode 11 may present more of the story there as far as these friends go.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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