The Challenge Season 35 trailer: New teaser video hints at release date

the challenge season 35 teaser trailer
A new teaser video for The Challenge Season 35 trailer arrived on MTV’s Instagram. Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

It’s been weeks since the exciting conclusion of The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 where the Brits defeated the Americans in the final. Now fans are ready for a new season and it seems The Challenge Season 35 trailer is about to drop.

After five days of cryptic Instagram posts from MTV’s The Challenge, it appears an actual full-length trailer is coming soon, based on a longer teaser video.

The Challenge Season 35 trailer teaser video arrives

Over the past five days, people following MTV’s The Challenge on Instagram saw a series of short flickering video clips, each of a different scene, possibly from the Season 35 trailer.

Each of those IG video/image posts also brought a letter with them. Those letters were “OLTAT” which had fans wondering what that referred to.

Some speculated it was “TATLO” which is Tagalog for “three,” while others figured that the scrambled word was “TOTAL.”

On Tuesday, March 3, The Challenge released a longer teaser video on their Instagram page (below). Viewers are led down a dark corridor with a flickering reddish light.

The video flashes what looks to be clips of different challenges from the upcoming Season 35 including people in very cold situations, someone climbing out of the window of a tilted card and more. It’s “total madness” in just the teaser.

The teaser video also has the scrambled letters “DESMSAN” in the caption. A number of fans have correctly seemed to guess those unscramble to “MADNESS” and when combined with the other letters it creates “TOTAL MADNESS.”

At the very end of the trailer is the word “Tomorrow” so that would also seem to hint at the full-length trailer release on Wednesday, March 4. It could pop up on Instagram, as well as the Twitter and YouTube pages for the show.

What and when is The Challenge Season 35?

Filming is done for The Challenge Season 35, so those hunting for spoilers can look around to get them. Others may want to keep surprises for themselves. So far, some fans are speculating we’ll see another Invasion season, or possibly a third War of the Worlds.

In Season 34, viewers watched as the Brits won the final against the Americans. The winning team consisted of CT, Rogan, Dee, and Jordan. They all shared the $1 million cash prize.

The season consisted of the weekly challenges, voting, and eliminations. The twist was that when a competitor won in the elimination they could choose to return to their team or become a turncoat and head to the other country’s team to help them compete.

That happened with both Jordan and his fiancee Tori who chose to get away from the scheming Paulie, Cara Marie, and their alliance on Team USA. It ended up paying off in the end as Jordan was a member of the winning Brits.

It should be interesting to see what arrives on Wednesday, but fans are certainly getting amped for the series to return. Most likely the trailer will give more details on what’s to come, including the season’s theme/name, and official premiere date which is probably in the next few weeks.

The Challenge Season 35 arrives on MTV at a TBA date in March 2020.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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