The Challenge rumors: Derrick Kosinski and Mark Long predict ‘end of MTV’ Challenge with Season 40 

The challenge star derrick kosinski in all stars spinoff
Derrick Kosinski believes The Challenge will end on MTV with Season 40. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

Could MTV be getting closer to no longer showing new seasons of The Challenge on its network?

The network recently wrapped up airing episodes of Season 38, aka The Challenge: Ride or Dies, with Tori Deal and Devin Walker becoming first-time winners on the show.

After the finale, there was a two-episode reunion special featuring many of the cast members discussing what went down during and after the season.

The finale also included host TJ Lavin telling the finalists and viewers that he’d see everyone back for Season 39.

Since then, there have been limited details about a 39th season even starting to film, as spoilers usually begin to arrive indicating potential cast members.

Meanwhile, three other Challenge spinoffs are moving forth. The Challenge: World Championship is currently airing episodes, while All Stars 4 has finished filming. The Challenge: USA 2 has recently started filming, based on online spoilers.

Two of those shows featured episodes on Paramount Plus. The third, USA, had its first season shown on TV via CBS and on Paramount Plus. This has led fans and several Challenge OGs to contemplate the show’s future.

Derrick Kosinski questions the future of The Challenge

Derrick Kosinski is a multi-time champion and is considered one of the fierce OGs from MTV’s The Challenge. While he hasn’t been seen on MTV’s version of the show in several years, he has popped up on three-straight seasons of The Challenge: All Stars.

Surprisingly, he did not show up with other MTV Legends in The Challenge: World Championship, currently presenting its episodes on Paramount Plus. However, it wouldn’t be hard to fathom that he could appear on another version of the show, depending on what and where it is.

During a recent episode of Challenge Mania Podcast, Derrick and his co-host Scott Yager talked to The Godfather Mark Long about what could happen with the future of The Challenge.

“Would Season 40 possibly see the flagship show on MTV?” Derrick asked during a rant about the various spinoffs and cast members continuing to appear on multiple shows.

“As Viacom merges with CBS, is it, at some point, the end of MTV kind of happening? You just wonder,” Derrick said, adding, “All dynasties sort of come to an end.”

When Scott asked Derrick and Mark where they expected to see Season 40, both speculated it would be on MTV. However, Derrick predicted that would be the final season shown on the network before the show possibly shifts elsewhere.

Mark Long says ’39 is going to film,’ wonders about the direction of The Challenge

Based on additional comments from Mark during the podcast episode, another season of The Challenge will film for MTV.

“Look, 39 is going to go and film, and hopefully, it’s gonna be great, which I have all the faith in the world [about],” he said.

“For a chance to do a Challenge 40, it’s such an epic number- 40 seasons of The Challenge. What are they going to do that is different?” Mark asked.

“Whoever’s driving the ship, do they see fans’ suggestions? Do they see what the people are talking about? Or are their blinders so intact because they’ve been doing this so many years? Are they not seeing outside of that?” he asked.

Derrick joked it should “be “Filth” 40″ in honor of The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30. He also suggested it could end up being the All Stars vs. USA or something of that nature. Derrick also said a Big Brother vs. Survivor vs. Challenge stars season could also work.

During his appearance, Mark confirmed that All Stars 4 is done filming and will be one to watch because of who is returning and how “different” it will feel. He added he wasn’t sure if it would be presented on Paramount Plus after The Challenge: World Championship season or if another spinoff, The Challenge: USA 2, would be next.

He also mentioned that he doesn’t know the theme for USA 2, which spoilers revealed is filming at the moment, but said there needs to be some new direction to take the franchise in.

As of this writing, there’s no indication that The Challenge is ending on MTV with Season 40. However, there’s also no confirmation of Season 39 filming or when it might arrive on the network.

Longtime fans are hoping the show lives on beyond a 40th season. That said, fans probably realize that streaming platforms have become the new norm for consuming content, which could bring The Challenge exclusively to Paramount Plus or elsewhere.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 4 is TBA for Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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