The Challenge: Rogan O’Connor and Zahida Allen share cosmetic surgery updates, fans react to images

rogan oconnor with zahida allen the challenge
Rogan O’Connor and Zahida Allen show off the recent cosmetic surgery they had. Pic credit: @zahidaallenx/Instagram

With a new year comes new noses! That’s the case for former The Challenge winner Rogan O’Connor and alum Zahida Allen, who are showing off their nose jobs.

The UK reality TV stars appeared together in a series of photos with comments about what they had done and even said they’d be discussing the work further in a live Q&A.

That prompted many fans to jump into the comments to give their thoughts on Rogan and Zahida, fan favorites on MTV’s reality competition series.

Zahida Allen, Rogan O’Connor share nose job photos

Cosmetic surgery is nothing new for celebrities and reality TV stars, and former The Challenge competitors Rogan O’Connor and Zahida Allen decided to have work done on their noses, among other things.

“New nose, same c***s,” Zahida wrote in part of her caption on an Instagram post featuring a photo of her and Rogan.

“As you can see by these photos our recoveries have been totally different. Each individual will heal differently so it’s definitely important to take that in to account when choosing to go for any surgery,” the 27-year-old shared.

“Rogan has had an open rhinoplasty and had to correct previous trauma, and for myself I’ve had a closed rhinoplasty to make my nose more central with a smaller tip. Some people bruise heavily and some people don’t, but everyone’s healing process differs,” she mentioned in the Instagram post.

Zahida goes on to say she’ll reveal the results of the cosmetic work later, including another part of her body she had adjusted.

“Can’t wait to share the full results and my new boobs when they have healed!” Zahida said in her caption.

Based on Zahida’s caption, the work they had done was via Serene Cosmetic and Comfort Zone Surgery. She also said they’d be holding a question and answer session at 7 p.m. GMT to answer additional fan questions.

Interestingly, Comfort Zone Surgery shared an Instagram video clip featuring “Recent influencers that have visited @comfortzonesurgeryofficial & @comfortzonedent.” Rogan is at the start of the clip in a still shot, and soon after, Spies, Lies & Allies rookie Hughie Maughan pops up.

Rogan shares update video clips about his surgery

Rogan, 32, also shared a series of photos and video clips on his Instagram, captured and shared below. That includes a side-by-side comparison of his nose from before and after.

“From broken & blocked to straight as an arrow,” text on the Instagram Story slide says.

The former Challenge winner provided several updates in video clips as he was headed back to the doctors with a splint on his nose. Following that procedure, he mentioned that it would take several months before “it’s down to being cute and sexy” like he wants it to be.

Zahida mentions that she’s doing well two days post-operation in another Instagram Story clip, while Rogan says he’s “five days post-op.” Zahida jokes that she’s “superhuman” and “better” than Rogan with her quicker time.

Fans react to Zahida, Rogan nose job pics

Upon Zahida sharing her photos with Rogan, it brought many people into her comment section to react, including fans and critics.

“Best journey of my life was nose a few months ago! Changes every day!! Enjoy your journey,” one person commented, wishing Zahida and Rogan well.

fan wishes zahida allen rogan oconnor the challenge well
Pic credit: @zahidaallenx/Instagram

Another individual suggested now Rogan and Zahida can look related to one another following their cosmetic surgery.

fan comments about rogan and zahida nose jobs
Pic credit: @zahidaallenx/Instagram

A few critics suggested that maybe the reality TV stars didn’t need work done. One individual said Zahida could “hide” hers with makeup if she wanted to.

fan comments on zahida allen nose job
Pic credit: @zahidaallenx/Instagram

Another commenter suggested that Rogan’s nose was fine before. Based on Rogan’s updates, the surgery was helping him breathe better.

commenter says challenge star rogan nose fine before
Pic credit: @zahidaallenx/Instagram

Lastly, a fan commented what many other Challenge fans might want to happen, as they wished to see them both return to MTV’s competition series.

fan of the challenge wishes zahida and rogan return again
Pic credit: @zahidaallenx/Instagram

With Rogan saying his healing would take several months, it could be a possibility that the War of the Worlds 2 champ returns. Rumors suggest Season 38 is going to start filming in March 2022. Could the Ex on the Beach UK 2 star compete again?

Zahida first arrived on Ex on the Beach UK 6 before appearing on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 1 and 2. She said she got contacted for Season 37 of MTV’s show but couldn’t appear in the Spies, Lies & Allies season due to a friend’s wedding taking place during the timing.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus from MTV and is expected to return in 2022.

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