The Challenge: Paulie Calafiore reacts to ‘inappropriate’ photo of him with castmate Morgan Willett

paulie calafiore during war of the worlds 2 season of the challenge
Paulie Calafiore commented about the recent photo of him with Morgan Willett that sparked online rumors. Pic credit: MTV

A recent photo that surfaced online got fans talking as it featured Paulie Calafiore and Morgan Willett together and appearing to have a good time at a party.

It quickly led to some speculation that something might be going on between the two castmates, former Big Brother players who appeared together in one season of The Challenge.

Morgan did her only season of MTV’s show during War of the Worlds, where she teamed up with Johnny Bananas. Paulie was also part of that cast, teaming with “Ninja” Natalie Duran.

As many fans know, Paulie went on to date his Challenge castmate Cara Maria Sorbello, who he still appears to be with based on other online content.

Morgan infamously dated Johnny Bananas for about two years following their time on The Challenge, but things eventually went awry.

With Paulie believed to be still dating Cara after several years, it always causes a commotion with fans when content arrives online featuring Paulie sans Cara at an event with other women.

Paulie comments on ‘inappropriate’ video circulating with Morgan Willett

With a photo popping up on social media showing Paulie cozying up to Morgan during an event, fans began to wonder what was up. However, the two-time Challenge finalist was ready with a response.

On Thursday, Paulie took to his social media to clear things up about the situation as he reacted to the “incriminating” and “inappropriate” photo making the rounds, even tagging Variety’s Emily Longeretta to break the news about them.

“Oh no! A photo of @morgan_willett and I is circulating around. I sure hope nobody sees this incriminating and inappropriate video of us! I don’t think I’d be able to handle the backlash. Quick, someone call @emilylongeretta to break this riveting scandal!” Paulie tweeted, also adding, “PS stop harassing Morgan.”

Along with his message, Paulie shared a video clip of him and Morgan from the event that the photo came from. The clip shows them dancing together briefly to Jack Harlow’s First Class before Morgan walks away from him.

The Challenge alum deleted photo of her and Paulie

Paulie’s video share and the initial picture that got fans speculating came from Morgan’s cowgirl/cowboy-themed party, which she called Cowboy Take Morgan Away.

She shared an Instagram carousel post from the event, which showed her sizzling outfit, including a pink bodysuit, sparkly chaps, and a festive cowboy hat. It also revealed some of the event’s decorations, food, drinks, and fun, including a pink mechanical bull to ride on.

One image included many of her guests from the event posing together, although it’s unclear if Paulie is part of the group photo.

At one point, Morgan shared a photo to her Instagram Story featuring Paulie quite close to her. The picture got fans chattering about how things seemed a little too comfortable between the two castmates.

Based on the photo, Paulie’s leaning in close to Morgan and has a hand across her midsection, almost seeming as if he’s going to kiss her.

Morgan deleted the photo, which a fan account reposted (below), and a fan asked her why she did so.

“I forgot how incredibly awful the reality tv crowd can be (some, not all!) and trolls were messaging me saying the meanest things, tagging accounts, etc. I felt my anxiety start to spiral this morning, so I deleted it to protect my mental health,” Morgan said in an IG Story reply.

She added that this reminded her why she “stepped back from MTV,” saying, “Some can handle it and I simply cannot haha. Freaking brutal.”

As mentioned, Morgan just did one season of MTV’s The Challenge, which saw her and her teammate Bananas eliminated early. The two then began dating after that season, but things got messy with a video hitting the internet regarding Bananas’ cheating on Morgan, which led to her breaking up with him.

The latest photo riled up fans as Paulie’s longtime girlfriend, Cara, is away working on another project. As of now, it seems that Paulie is saying nothing inappropriate happened between him and Morgan, as it was all in good fun during her party.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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