The Challenge OG Tina Barta says she doesn’t support ‘cancellation’ of castmate amid online drama

tina barta during the challenge all stars 3 season
Tina Barta says she doesn’t support any canceling of her castmate Wes. Pic credit: Paramount+

Over the past week, critical comments arrived online about Wes Bergmann from several of his castmates from The Challenge.

Wes appears in The Challenge: USA 2, which airs on CBS and featured a recent episode where he showed an emotional side during confessionals and other scenes.

He mentioned that he was retiring from the show because of the new baby he and his wife were expecting. He also said he needed to focus on his business and mentioned castmates trashing his name behind his back in interviews.

Following that, fans began to post about Wes. MTV OGs Rachel Robinson and Laurel Stucky, Wes’s castmates in several Challenge seasons, made remarks about Wes that began circulating on social media and prompted more fans to react.

Following that, other Challengers made remarks to defend or support Wes, including Shane Landrum and Sylvia Elsrode.

Behind the scenes, another OG entered the discussion, with Tina Barta having an exchange in private messages with Laurel.

However, Tina has since posted another message about her involvement in the Wes vs. Laurel drama and seems to want nothing to do with it.

Laurel and Tina’s private message surfaces on social media

After OG Rachel Robinson commented on a fan’s tweet about Wes to mention several incidents of his during the show, Laurel Stucky shared a screenshot of Rachel’s tweet on her IG Story with her comments added.

Part of Rachel’s original comment referred to Wes dumping soda on castmate Cara Maria Sorbello’s head one season and him “threatening” castmate Derrick Kosinski’s family during an All Stars 3 elimination event.

In added her remarks, Laurel called Wes a “straight up loser,” and said he thinks he’s rich due to owning a home in Kansas City, Kansas. She closed her comments saying he wouldn’t make it in New York and called him “punk.”

A superfan account obtained a screenshot of a private message between Tina Barta and Laurel in which Tina said she saw Laurel’s reply to Rachel’s post.

“I couldn’t stop laughing at the ‘Punk’ at the end of the paragraph,” Rachel wrote, with Laurel replying with crying laughing emojis.

“He is tho,” Laurel said, with Tina saying, “He certainly can be.”

Laurel went on to say she hates him on the show, and that’s all she knows of Wes.

A swipe on the post below shows a tweet Tina made in which she seemingly jokes that Laurel went “too far” by calling Wes a “punk” in her initial remarks about Wes.

Tina says she doesn’t want to be involved in all the drama

While the above messages may have seemed like Tina was on board with calling Wes a “punk” and all the other remarks about him, it appears she’s on friendly terms with both castmates.

She took to Twitter to share a series of messages, one of which let fans know her other tweet about “punk was a joke. She also said, “I get along with all parties involved so I would like to remain out of it.”

tina barta tweet about punk joke with castmate wes
Pic credit: @TinaBarta/Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, Tina tagged Wes, praising him and his “beautiful wife,” saying her castmate has “always been a very gracious and loving friend to me AND my husband. I LOVE YOU BOTH!”

She also said she wasn’t supporting “any cancellation of @WestonBergmann.”

tina support tweets she doesnt support canceling wes
Pic credit: @TinaBarta/Twitter

Rachel also tweeted to let fans know they needed to “move on from this storyline” and that “No one is canceling Wes. No one said , No one implied.”

rachel robinson tweets that no one said to cancel wes
Pic credit: @rachel_fitness/Twitter

Based on the recent comments, things may finally be settling down with the recent eruption of chatter and commentary about Wes, although he’s still appearing on USA 2. That gives the “mastermind” competitor more time for castmates to make confessional interview or social media remarks.

However, as the season ends, the focus should shift to what matters most: Wes and his wife Amanda welcoming their first child to the world.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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