The Challenge: Natalie Negrotti praises Ashley Mitchell, suggests show protects some players

natalie negrotti on the challenge final reckoning
Natalie Negrotti on The Challenge: Final Reckoning. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge is known for all sorts of drama caught on camera, ranging from verbal blowups to physical confrontations. Not all of it makes the final cut, though.

In a recent series of social media posts, The Challenge and Big Brother star Natalie Negrotti talked about how cast members treat the behind-the-scenes crew that works on the show.

She praised former Challenge winner Ashley Mitchell while also claiming that some cast members’ images are protected by the way the show is edited.

Natalie praises Ashley, The Challenge crew

A fan tweet from @TooChallenge on October 19 included a photo of Natalie Negrotti, who appeared on Final Reckoning, Vendettas, and War of the Worlds.

The tweet asked for people to give their opinions of her. Natalie replied to it with a funny remark (below), but so did one of the crew members, Ronn Head, who works on the show’s production. He said of Natalie, “Easily my favorite to work with.”

That brought a reply from Natalie saying, “I’m always nice to u guys who work endless hours like we do to put the show together u producers work so hard and especially our handlers who some of the cast treat like dirt.”

Natalie also went on to praise Ashley Mitchell, saying, “she also treats everyone behind the scenes with respect.”

natalie tweets about challenge bts
Pic credit: @NatalieNegrotti/Twitter

That brought a reply from Ashley Mitchell, who is always active on Twitter and Instagram.

She thanked Natalie for the comment, indicating it meant a lot to her and calling her a “kind soul.”

ashley mitchell tweet reply natalie negrotti
Pic credit: @MTVASHLEYBROOKE/Twitter

Behind-the-scenes edits protect players

The comments about how production works didn’t stop with that exchange of pleasantries between the two ladies, though. Natalie went on to bring up a few other cast members, based on replies to her tweets.

“If only people got the edits for who they really r behind the scenes fans would abandon their faves ships like the plague,” Natalie replied to a now-deleted comment.

“Oh my holy truth! that’s so freaking true and funny,” Ashley replied. From there, a fan brought up how funny Bear and Kyle are, with Ashley joking that they can become a bit much by morning.

natalie negrotti tweet replies challenge bts
Pic credit: @NatalieNegrotti/Twitter

One other cast member came up as Natalie replied to yet another series of fan comments. In the exchange, someone brought up how it seemed Natalie was always complaining about being too short for various challenges during her time on the show.

Another fan replied to let them know a confessional about when Mattie called her out into elimination “was not used correctly,” indicating that Natalie’s comment was toward Zach always messing with her.

Natalie even agreed with the fan, saying, “Yup he was so disgusting towards me everyday for no reason.”

natalie tweet reply zach mattie
Pic credit: @AngelsKarishmas/Twitter

The Challenge fans have seen Zach Nichols involved in more than a few instances of behavior where he berated partners or castmates, including Amanda Garcia on Final Reckoning. Viewers also saw Zach appear on video calls with his girlfriend Jenna during Total Madness and getting angry with her over DMs someone showed him.

Based on Natalie’s comments about The Challenge, it seems that the behind-the-scenes crew really works their tails off to get the show put together. They also have to deal with a variety of different treatments from the various cast members.

Also, as with most reality TV shows, there’s an element of editing that presents things on the show in a different way than they went down. With what Natalie brought up, it makes one wonder which other Challenge stars are getting protected with editing behind the scenes.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus at MTV.

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