The Challenge deletes their Zach and Jenna tweet after fans react harshly

jenna and zach of mtv the challenge
Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols of The Challenge. Pic credit: Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols/YouTube

There have been several competitors who formed relationships over the years of The Challenge, with some getting the full backing of fans and others not so much.

Based on a recent Twitter post from MTV’s The Challenge, it’s still clear that Zach Nichols and Jenna Compono fall into the latter category, with many fans unhappy with the relationship.

Based on a report, it appears the show’s recent tweet involving the couple was getting so much negative reaction that MTV’s The Challenge Twitter deleted it.

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What did The Challenge tweet about Zach and Jenna?

On Wednesday (October 14), the official Twitter account for MTV’s The Challenge posted what seemed like an innocent tweet.

It showed two pictures side-by-side featuring Zach and Jenna embracing. One was from earlier in their relationship while the other is presumably much more recent.

Above the images were the two captions “How it started” and “How it’s going.” However, a lot of fans weren’t having it. Reportedly, it received mostly negative replies, leading to @ChallengeMTV to delete it off Twitter for good.

Some Twitter members even commented on that. “The challenge page deleted the post with Jenna and Zach,” one Twitter member said.

An Instagram fan account that posts lots of The Challenge material called @jaychallenge__ was still able to capture the tweet via screenshot (below).

zach and jenna deleted tweet screenshot october 2020
Screenshot of MTV’s The Challenge tweet, now deleted. Pic credit: @jaychallenge__/Instagram

Sure enough, that IG post showing the deleted tweet is also picking up a lot of negative fan comments.

“It should [of] been a red flag for Jenna how Zach would berate Jonna on Exes 3,” one commenter said, referring to Zach’s previous treatment of a relationship.

“It’s a negative relationship Zach is a monster,” an IG comment said.

“She can do SO much better. I feel so bad for her,” another comment said.

“Because nobody cares about this toxic a** sham of a relationship,” yet another said.

Zach and Jenna’s relationship issues on Total Madness

Much of the flak arrives after the way their relationship was a major part of the story on The Challenge 35 Total Madness. Jenna was showing herself to be a strong competitor during the season and had aligned with Nany and Kailah to get some power in the game.

However, back home, her boyfriend Zach Nichols became upset over some Instagram DMs that a friend of Jenna’s showed him, involving Jenna and another guy.

Jenna tried to convince Zach they weren’t a big deal and nothing to worry about, but Zach was upset she kept them from him.

During video chats shown on Total Madness, Zach basically put Jenna into the position of having to figure out whether she wanted to continue playing that season, or quit the show to come work things out.

Jenna continued in the game and even eliminated Tori Deal, one of the strongest women competitors. However, she’d eventually get eliminated by veteran Aneesa Ferreira.

Some of Jenna’s fellow competitors and The Challenge viewers felt it was only a matter of time before the problems she was having Zach led to her elimination from the show.

They ended up being right, as Jenna was unable to keep going in the game for the big money.

Even so, after leaving it appears she and Zach mended their issues. As of August, Jenna gave a video update about how her wedding planning is going during the pandemic. She even mentions how she feels she’s always apologizing to make things work.

Pandemic Wedding Planning

Since Total Madness, two regularly take to social media to post about themselves or with each other. Zach recently shared a photo of him, Jenna, and the dog Bocce on the couch.
They also have a YouTube account they share and post videos to. As seen in Jenna’s video above, their relationship will eventually include a marriage ceremony, set for 2021.
As comfortable in love as they seem to be, their relationship still rubs a lot of viewers the wrong way. However, in the end, it’s really up to Jenna and Zach to keep things going or not.
The Challenge is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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