The Challenge: Moriah Jadea blasts castmate following Ride or Dies split-up

moriah jadea during the challenge ride or dies
Moriah Jadea appears in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 9. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies rookie Moriah Jadea is ready to speak out about her castmate on MTV’s show, indicating “real tea will be spilled.”

Moriah entered the game without any reality television background, teaming up with multi-time Challenge finalist Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, who holds experience in the game.

The duo won an early daily challenge in the season, gaining some power to set up the elimination, and showed castmates they were a team to watch out for.

Moriah also became interested in castmate Johnny Bananas during her first season of the show, with scenes revealing they may have been exploring a showmance.

Based on the first eight episodes, Moriah seemed to be playing it safe with her teammate and staying under the radar regarding any drama with castmates.

However, things changed in Ride or Dies Episode 9, and Moriah shared her thoughts about her castmate’s words and actions, also revealing she became “super sick” at one point.

This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge Season 38 up through Episode 9.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 9 brought split

Several showmances were under a brief spotlight when Ride or Dies Episode 9 arrived. They included Nelson Thomas’ interest in Olivia Kaiser, as well as Jordan Wiseley and Nurys Mateo’s flirtations, and Bananas cozying up with Moriah.

A scene with Bananas giving Moriah some strategic ideas arrived in the episode, based on a twist from host TJ Lavin. That involved a Ride or Dies split-up for all of the partners in the game.

After Moriah and her teammate won the daily challenge, TJ revealed they’d receive the most power in the game. However, they would be split apart as Moriah and Fessy became captains of two opposing teams. They chose their teams at The Zone.

After a coin flip, Fessy got the first pick for his team, and it went back and forth until everyone was on one of the new Ride or Dies teams. The rule was that if Fessy or Moriah picked someone, their partner automatically went to the opposing team.

Earlier in the episode, footage showed Fessy and Moriah in the interrogation room discussing which players they wanted to choose for their respective teams.

Things got tense as they each wanted specific star players, and Moriah felt Fessy was trying to control it to do what was best for himself. At one moment, Moriah indicated she wasn’t sure she could trust Fessy, but he told her to “play fair,” reminding her he brought her to the show because he trusted her.

“People say that Fessy is very selfish, he’ll do whatever he can to win, and that his true colors always show. I always defended him, but now I’m not sure if Fessy is the person that I thought he was,” Moriah said in a confessional.

A scene shown earlier in the episode featured Moriah comforting her teammate as he was in tears and upset over his inability to dominate The Challenge as other stars have. However, things may have gotten shaken up between the teammates and friends, thanks to TJ’s twist.

Moriah blasts castmate following Ride or Dies episode

After the Ride or Dies episode aired, Moriah took to her Twitter to provide additional comments about her friend and teammate, Fessy. Unfortunately, the words weren’t necessarily in his favor.

In a tweet shared on Wednesday night, Moriah said filled fans in on what Fessy told her after the “mini final” they won, and TJ informed them about choosing teams.

“I asked him if we could talk to make fair teams, and he said, ‘I brought you here’ I became super sick&he said ‘not my partner, not my problem.’

the challenge moriah jadea blasts castmate after episode 9
Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Twitter

Moriah also elaborated on her “super sick” remarks from the tweet, as it seems production left any footage or Moriah’s confessionals about it out of the episode.

“Fun fact- I was sick to my stomach going to the bathroom every 5 seconds with a fever while filming interrogation, making our teams, and the next challenge. Like couldn’t stomach anything. Chills fever the s**ts vomit,” she tweeted.”

moriah sick during ride or dies episode
Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Twitter

Moriah said she’ll spill ‘real tea’ about castmate

In another tweet, Moriah said she would appear on Johnny Bananas’ Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast to spill “the real tea.”

“I defended Fessy’s character so much to the other challengers when he didn’t deserve it. He talked about me behind my back making crazy statements like ‘he carried me’ and many more,” Moriah tweeted.

moriah tweets about fessy after ride or dies episode 9
Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Twitter

Moriah’s rookie castmate Colleen Schneider also dropped by her tweet to comment about Fessy, whom she had a brief showmance with during Ride or Dies filming.

“It’s just sad how he fools people who really liked him. I’m okay with just having a good time, but I’m not okay with not being honest. I didn’t know all the stuff from his past, that’s not my business anyways… so I formed my own option …and learned my ‘messy’ lesson :D,” Colleen said in a tweet reply.

the challenge rorokie colleen comments about fessy
Pic credit: @Colleen_THEMOLE/Twitter

Colleen and her rookie partner, Kim Tranka, were eliminated in Episode 5 of the show by Jakk Maddox and Laurel Stucky. However, it seems Colleen may also have additional tea to share at some point.

As of this writing, the Bananas podcast episode with Moriah had yet to arrive, probably leaving fans wondering what she has to share and if this is all a promotional tactic for her appearance.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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