The Challenge: Michele Fitzgerald confirmed she’s dating Devin Walker

michele fitzgerald face shot from the challenge 39 on mtv
Michele Fitzgerald during The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion season. Pic credit: MTV

Another potential power couple has formed from The Challenge, as show winner Devin Walker and multi-season competitor Michele Fitzgerald are officially dating.

Michele, who won Survivor, recently confirmed that she and Devin are together with a social media share.

They appeared as castmates in several seasons, with Michele’s rookie season of MTV’s Spies, Lies & Allies being their first together.

Devin and Michele returned for The Challenge: Ride or Dies, where Devin captured his first season win alongside Tori Deal.

MTV followed that with their Battle For a New Champion season, in which Michele was a main cast member, and Devin appeared as a mercenary in a single elimination.

However, that appearance also tied in with Michele and her showmance throughout the season, which wasn’t Devin.

Michele confirmed she’s dating Devin

Michele recently posted on her Instagram Story after someone messaged her, “Post you and Devin , we stan.”

She uploaded a screenshot of herself kissing Devin outdoors, but the Q&A label for her IG Story obstructed their faces.

“LOL FINEEEEEEE to answer ALL of your questions, that’s my boyfriend,” she wrote in white text over another part of the photo.

The Most Likely Two Podcast Instagram account shared Michele’s IG Story screenshot next to photos of her and Devin from seasons of The Challenge.

Michele shared another photo to her Instagram Story where her castmate expressed how she felt about Devin and Michele as a couple.

“This is how I feel,” Olivia wrote over a photo of a man on an outdoor swing overlooking a beautiful scene.

“ACCURATE,” Michele wrote with crying laughing emojis under the post.

screenshot from michele fitzgerald instagram story share of her castmates post about her and devin
Michele Fitzgerald shares castmate’s IG Story photo about her and Devin. Pic credit: @mich_fitz/Instagram

Michele won Survivor Season 32 and finished as runner-up on her return for Season 40, which was Survivor: Winners at War. She then debuted on MTV’s Spies, Lies & Allies and appeared in several more seasons, including CBS’ The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff.

Devin debuted on MTV’s Are You The One? Season 3 before joining The Challenge, first in the Rivals III season. Despite two appearances in the final, Devin didn’t win until his seventh season, Ride or Dies, where he teamed up with Tori.

The Challenge castmates had an interesting story for Season 39

As mentioned, Devin and Michele only briefly crossed paths for MTV’s Season 39, aka Battle For a New Champion. Devin showed up for his elimination in Episode 7.

Since Devin drew the Chaos weapon during The Draw at The Arena, he got to choose any man from the main cast to go against in the elimination. He chose Callum Izzard, who was in a showmance with Michele.

Unbeknownst to Michele, Callum had a girlfriend away from the show during their Season 39 showmance. Meanwhile, online spoilers and rumors suggested that Devin chose Callum due to how he treated castmate Jessica Brody.

Since Brody and Devin had been hooking up away from filming, she texted him after her elimination, suggesting he needed to take out Callum.

That was never presented on The Challenge Season 39, and the episode footage featured Michele upset over Devin choosing her showmance partner.

However, based on their dating, Devin did a favor for Michele and himself.

Both castmates appeared at the Season 39 reunion, where Michele expressed being hurt by Callum leading her on, and he apologized for what he did.

Neither Michele nor Devin have revealed how they started dating, although an insider’s spoilers likely provided some early indications of where the showmance began.

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