The Challenge: Jon Brennan blasts Ride or Dies cast as ‘Show full of entitled whiners’

jon brennan in the real world homecoming los angeles
Jon Brennan isn’t impressed with the Ride or Dies cast for MTV’s The Challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

Former Real World and The Challenge star Jon Brennan believes that MTV’s competition series is a “Show full of entitled whiners” based on what he’s seen.

The Challenge is currently airing Ride or Dies on MTV, featuring returning veteran stars and newcomers playing the game.

Jon, who originally appeared on MTV’s The Real World: Los Angeles and multiple seasons of The Challenge, fired off a tweet reacting to one from current Ride or Dies star Devin Walker.

In Devin’s original tweet, he mentions he’s going to start tweeting about The Challenge episode but that he’s had a “s**t week and several drinks.”

Jon took the opportunity to respond to Devin, calling out the current MTV cast for being so upset over going into elimination scenarios.

“Dude! Show full of entitled whiners. It’s an elimination show! Why all the drama when people get put into the zone? Why are they shocked??? Plus they get called back EVERY single show, tired of the whining cry babies. Just sayin #TrueStory,” Jon tweeted.

A superfan account on Instagram, @mtvtheechallenge, captured both tweets in a post shown below.

jon brennan calls out ride or dies cast entitled whiners
Pic credit: @mtvtheechallenge/Instagram

Ride or Dies spoilers: Vets upset with elimination decisions

Recent episodes of MTV’s The Challenge Season 38 have featured several veteran stars headed into potential elimination, and none of them have been happy with it.

In Episode 5, the Ride or Dies team of Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald won the daily challenge. Jay is sort of a veteran cast member, with Ride or Dies as his third season, while Michele is back for a second season after debuting in Spies, Lies & Allies.

The former Survivor stars drew the ire of some castmates in Episode 5 when they put Laurel Stucky and Jakk Maddox into elimination. They also opted for Darrell Taylor and Veronica Portillo, two Challenge OGs, and one of the show’s Heavy Hitters teams.

However, things got even rougher for Jay and Michele in Ride or Dies Episode 6. The duo won a second-straight daily challenge and had some tough elimination decisions.

This time around, they opted to take some shots, putting Laurel and Jakk back into elimination, as well as Aneesa Ferreira with Jordan Wiseley, Johnny Bananas with Nany Gonzalez, and Kaycee Clark with her brother Kenny.

It resulted in some upset vets during the interrogation scenes in Episode 6, as Nany wasn’t upset about the potential elimination scenario involving her girlfriend, Kaycee. Jordan also got into it with Jay during interrogation over what he felt was a “weak move” by his castmate.

Nany drew the “Safe” dagger at The Draw in The Zone, and as fans might expect, she saved Kaycee and Kenny. The elimination matchup ended with vets Jordan and Aneesa defeating Laurel and Jakk.

It was an emotional goodbye, and Laurel told Jordan to return to the house and remove Jay and Michele from the game. Jakk also continually expressed he was upset that Jay acted like a friend and threw him into elimination.

Following the season’s filming, Jakk indicated that Jay reached out to apologize and discuss what happened between them. Jakk said that he was ready to meet up, but then Jakk ended up blocking Jay due to a comment he made that rubbed him wrong.

Jon Brennan last appeared in the Homecoming series

Jon’s most recent reality TV appearance was in Paramount Plus’ The Real World Homecoming series, as he reunited with most of his former Los Angeles castmates, including Tami Roman, Beth Stolarczyk, and David Edwards.

The 48-year-old from Owensboro, Kentucky, appeared in three seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, including Road Rules: All Stars, where he was amongst the winners.

Jon appeared in two other seasons of the competition series: Battle of the Seasons in 2002 and The Inferno II.

He hasn’t been a part of any of Paramount + The Challenge: All Stars spinoff shows yet. However, fans might hope to see him pop up if there are more seasons.

Most likely, Jon is waiting for that call to return to action with other OGs from what he believes are the better days of MTV’s reality TV shows.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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