The Challenge: Jenna Compono reveals castmate she doesn’t ‘care for’ off the show, defends Kailah Casillas

the challenge star jenna compono in total madness season
Jenna Compono during The Challenge: Total Madness season. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge has featured plenty of drama, feuds, and rivalries over the years, with castmates going at it during episodes.

Some have gotten into heated arguments while on the show together, which have even carried over to social media.

One cast member who seems to rarely have bad blood with any of her castmates is Jenna Compono.

She’s appeared in eight seasons, working with various personalities, some of whom she’s butted heads with due to the drama involving her then off-and-on-boyfriend, Zach Nichols.

With Jenna recently appearing on a podcast to speak about her life and reality TV experiences, a few questions came up regarding her castmates.

One of those put Jenna on the spot as she was asked to name a castmate she gets along with on the show but doesn’t necessarily get along with away from it.

Jenna Compono reveals which The Challenge castmate she doesn’t get along with

Jenna, 30, recently appeared on the GOHT Media podcast alongside her husband and fellow Challenger, Zach. During the latter half of their appearance, the host asked Jenna if there is someone she gets along with on the show but “doesn’t care for” outside of it.

After Zach joked that it was him, Jenna said at first, he used to “drive her crazy” away from the show even though they got along while on The Challenge.

She had to think a bit before revealing her real answer to that question. She finally came up with Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell as her choice.

“Honestly, this is gonna sound crazy, but Ashley is actually super cool on the show, even though she started some rumors and stuff. Won’t even get into that,” Jenna said.

“I don’t think we care for each other outside the house, but one-on-one, she’s a cool person,” she shared, adding, “When you’re just talking one-on-one, she’s not conniving.”

Jenna explained that she’s participated in conversations with Ashley and Nany Gonzalez, where she realized Ashley’s cool, but “then nobody wants to work with her because she stole a million dollars.”

Jenna is referring to the infamous moment on Final Reckoning, where Ashley made it to the final alongside partner Hunter Barfield, and they won the $1 million prize. However, a twist at the end allowed the partner who achieved the better score or time to choose if they would share that prize with their teammate.

Ashley said no, indicating it was due to how Hunter had treated her throughout the season, leaving him devastated by the decision. However, it made reality TV and Challenge history, ranking along with Johnny Bananas doing that to teammate Sarah Rice upon winning Rivals III.

Jenna reveals which castmate is most underrated on The Challenge

While Jenna doesn’t necessarily care for Ashley, she has several good friends who she’s connected with via The Challenge and has remained close to since then.

As fans know, Jenna is part of the Holy Trinity group featuring Nany and Kailah Casillas.

Jenna named Nany as someone she considers underrated in The Challenge due to her giving it “her all” and being “so focused.” She said that when she watched the show years ago with Nany on it, she initially thought, “She’s crazy,” but now, all these years later, they’re besties.

“She hasn’t got her win yet, but she really needs it,” Jenna said of her close friend who was a runner-up alongside Bananas in Ride or Dies.

Jenna defended her friend and castmate, Kailah Casillas

During the podcast chat, Jenna also questioned why her other good friend, Kailah, gets so much hate from others.

The host said he knew that Kailah is a good friend to Jenna but questioned her loyalties in the game. 

“She has been loyal to me, so I think her outside friends and people she’s actually gonna care about when she leaves the house. She’ll have your back,” Jenna said.

“Anybody else, is she gonna talk to them outside the show? Is she ever gonna split the money with them? Probably not. So what does she owe them?”

Jenna said she knows Kailah “would never cross” her or Nany based on their strong friendship.

“I really don’t see the hatred. I don’t know why,” Jenna said.

Kailah last appeared on The Challenge: All Stars 3, where she was part of that infamous Treehouse Alliance, which targeted OGs KellyAnne Judd and Kendal Shepherd. Ultimately, Kailah reached the final but finished among runner-ups to the winner Jonna Mannion.

Despite her impressive gameplay and performance on the All Stars show, more than a few critics disliked the way the Treehouse Alliance was operating, which could have brought some additional hate Kailah’s way.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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