The Challenge: Ashley Mitchell calls out Tori Deal for saying she should never return to MTV show

ashley mitchell in the challenge season 37 episode
Ashley Mitchell during The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Mitchell, a two-time winner of The Challenge, recently responded to comments made by castmate Tori Deal indicating Ashley shouldn’t return to the show.

The two have been castmates for several seasons of MTV’s competition series, even reaching the final together in War of the Worlds 2.

More recently, Tori and Ashley were on the volatile Spies, Lies & Allies season together, which saw “Millionaire” Mitchell mysteriously deactivated during the season.

It was learned via online rumors that the reason Ashley got kicked off was due to a verbal altercation with castmate Josh Martinez, in which she may have crossed the line with what she said to him.

While neither Josh nor Ashley returned for the currently-airing Ride or Dies season, Josh was at a Challenge Mania fan event with Tori when he responded to a fan’s question about Season 37 and said he was cool with Ashley returning to the show.

However, Tori wasn’t on the same page, suggesting their castmate should never return for MTV’s The Challenge.

Ashley Mitchell reacts to Josh’s Challenge Mania comments

While appearing on the Most Likely Two Podcast with the Queen of Challenge TikTok, Paige, Ashley was informed by the host what Josh said at Challenge Mania Miami.

She was taken aback by Josh’s comments, seeming surprised to hear what he’d said about her.

The show host Paige told Ashley that while Josh didn’t go into detail about what happened between them on Season 37, he said Ashley is a “good competitor” and she’s “good for TV.”

During the podcast, the host also brought up how Josh said, “I did not want [Ashley] to go home,” and “she should come back.”

“Aw. Oh, that’s nice of him. Aww. That’s gonna make me like a little emotional. I’ve kinda had a rough start to the year, so don’t get me emotional now. I’m just kidding,” Ashley said, laughing.

Ashley said Tori is “showing her true colors” with remarks

Things switched gears as Ashley was informed that Josh’s “little friend Victoria,” referring to Tori, said, “F**k her. I never want her back.”

Tori’s comments arrived at the same Challenge Mania event amid Josh’s comments about the Ashley situation from Season 37.

“Oh, ok. I don’t know who she is, but she’s irrelevant, honey,” Ashley said on the podcast, prompting the host to tell her she meant Tori.

“Ohhh. Oh. Same thing,” Ashley responded before adding, “No, I’m just kidding.”

She went on to call out her castmate, suggesting that she’s usually showing everyone a fake persona rather than her “true self.”

“I mean, I’m surprised Tori said something that wasn’t nice for once. Very shocked, she dropped her act for a minute to let the world see her true self. I’m actually happy about that. That’s good,” Ashley said.

“Good for her for actually being real for once in her f**king life,” she added.

Ashley then explained that she understood why Tori would never want her on the show again.

“If I came back, she’d never get a f**king chance [to win]. So, of course, she doesn’t want me back. I wouldn’t want me back either if I was Tori.”

Ashley said she would ‘probably’ return to The Challenge

During the podcast episode, the two-time champ admitted she didn’t leave her bed for “at least a month” after the incident occurred during Season 37, saying she was “depressed” and still has “social anxiety.”

Ashley went on to say she’s been called to return and told them she was available for the show. However, she said she’s “on the fence” and getting back to being a “normal person” after spending about eight years on reality TV.

“I’m not gonna be fake. Let’s be honest. If they called me, I’ll probably f**king do it,” she said, suggesting that it would be hard for her, but she’s addicted to the show.

Ashley’s comments arrive just as MTV is wrapping up Season 38, aka Ride or Dies, with Tori and her teammate Devin Walker amongst the three pairs of remaining teams in the final.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies finale airs Wednesday, February 15, at 8/7c on MTV.

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