The Challenge: Fessy Shafaat’s comment to Paulie Calafiore brings ‘tweet and delete’ from Josh Martinez

fessy shafaat in the challenge season 38 cast photo
Fessy Shafaat appears in The Challenge: Ride or Dies cast. Pic credit: MTV

A comment that The Challenge star Fessy Shafaat fired off regarding better competition for MTV’s show brought plenty of reactions from fans and also Paulie Calafiore.

Paulie and Fessy are both former Big Brother stars but have never appeared in a season of The Challenge together. They’ve both reached two finals in The Challenge but have never won the show, which appears to be their ultimate goal.

Based on a tweet Fessy posted, he wants MTV’s show to bring professional athletes, including “NFL players,” into the competition because he believes it would show how great Challengers are.

Paulie came back saying that the show needs to first bring back its best competitors to the show, most likely referring to himself and his girlfriend Cara Maria Sorbello.

Fessy’s response to Paulie seemed enough for another former Big Brother star to get involved in the comments: Josh Martinez.

After reacting to one of Fessy’s comments about Paulie, Josh deleted it. However, a Challenge fan account quickly grabbed a screenshot so that it lives on.

Fessy and Paulie tweet about competition in The Challenge

In a tweet on Sunday, Fessy indicated he needs The Challenge to bring NFL players and pro athletes to the competition series. Based on his comment, the two-time Challenge finalist thinks that players on the show would “run circles around them” because “The Challenge is made for those who possess versatility.”

That brought a response from Paulie, who suggested that they could start by Fessy “asking The Challenge to bring back the versatile players who wanna compete.”

“I know you been dying for a stacked cast,” Paulie said in his reply.

fessy and paulie from the challenge tweet exchange
Pic credit: @PaulCalafiore_/Twitter

Paulie last appeared in MTV’s War of the Worlds 2, reaching his second final in three appearances on the show. He also reached the final in Final Reckoning while teaming up with Natalie Negrotti.

However, Paulie is still hungry to show he can actually win a Challenge season. That’s something Fessy also seems intent on proving.

The Challenge brought pro athletes into the competition before, with several spinoff shows for charity. These shows, Champs vs. Pros and Champs vs. Stars, featured NFL stars, NBA stars, Olympic athletes, professional wrestlers, and more.

Fessy’s reply to Paulie got interesting reaction from Josh

The tweet conversation continued after Paulie’s reply, as Fessy responded to the fellow Big Brother and Challenge star.

“Yeah you should’ve been there this season,” Fessy replied, seeming to indicate that Paulie and his girlfriend Cara Maria Sorbello would’ve been a great team for the Ride or Dies season.

Based on a screenshot from Challenge superfan @jaychallenge1 (below), that brought Josh to tweet a GIF reaction to Fessy’s comment, seeming to indicate he found Fessy’s remark weird.

jaychallenge1 post about fessy and josh from the challenge
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

As of this report, Josh’s tweet reply has been deleted. However, Paulie asked Josh if he had something to say, and Josh backed off from whatever his GIF was about.

“God bless buddy!” All the best,” he replied to Paulie with a winking face emoji.

the challenge castmates paulie and josh tweet exchange
Pic credit: @JOSHMBB19/Twitter

Paulie among Challenge castmates Josh had altercation with

As seen in the recent cast reveal, Fessy will appear in the upcoming 38th season of MTV’s The Challenge, Ride or Dies. He’ll team up with his friend, rookie Moriah Jadeah, for the season.

Josh revealed he enjoyed a break from Season 38 and claims it was a great way to help his mindstate following several seasons in a row of The Challenge. He indicated that production wanted him to bring his sister as his teammate for Ride or Dies, but he didn’t want to subject her to the possible negativity and issues it could bring.

Meanwhile, Paulie has not returned to MTV’s competition show since War of the Worlds 2. It’s unknown what his status is as far as casting goes. However, he and his girlfriend Cara reacted to the Ride or Dies super trailer, indicating they would’ve definitely been teammates if they were part of it.

Josh, who has appeared in five seasons of MTV’s show, has been known for getting into a few altercations during his Challenge history. As fans saw in one of their previous seasons together, Josh and Paulie got into an argument during the show, and it seems their feud has continued past that season. However, Josh appears he’d prefer to back off rather than reignite their rivalry.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies premieres Wednesday, October 12, on MTV.

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