The Challenge: Double Agents competitor believes they had chance to return after being eliminated

the challenge double agents competitors during black sand ops mission
One of The Challenge: Double Agents competitors believe they would’ve returned to the show despite being eliminated. Pic credit: MTV

During The Challenge: Double Agents season, viewers saw at least one cast member get a second chance to compete on the show, despite being officially eliminated.

That came due to a security breach, and another eliminated competitor believes she also may have been asked to return following her elimination.

However, things didn’t go in that competitor’s favor due to other plans, and now it appears something different will happen on the show.

Keep in mind spoilers will appear in this report, up through Episode 11 of The Challenge Season 36.

Double Agents Episode 11 featured one competitor’s exit

In Episode 11 of the MTV show, Lolo Jones was shown struggling emotionally over her performance and decided she didn’t want to continue. Lolo indicated she was “embarrassed” by her performance as an athlete and felt her Big Brother alliance wasn’t helping her get her Gold Skull.

That led to Lolo choosing to leave the show to go home to train for the Olympics, based on the speech shown in Episode 11. Castmates were gathered around her as she explained her reasons. Lolo also asked them all to cheer her on with Team USA at the Winter Olympics.

Cory Wharton was a Rogue Agent on the episode. With Lolo’s exit from Double Agents, it created another Rouge Agent in her partner, Nam Vo. It also raised questions about what the Security Breach at the end of Episode 11 meant. Based on an earlier episode, the Security Breach involved eliminated competitor Ashley Mitchell getting to return to the show.

Ashley was asked back after Natalie Anderson had to leave unexpectedly due to a positive pregnancy test. Since Natalie had originally eliminated Ashley, and she was still in the filming location, production asked “Millionaire” Mitchell to return. Ashley had a brief second chance to compete on Double Agents, ultimately getting eliminated a few episodes later by Killa “Kam” Williams.

Eliminated rookie says she was asked to stay

During her recent Episode 11 reaction video (below), rookie Amber M spoke about being eliminated from the show. After her elimination was shown in Episode 10, she said production took her aside and asked her about staying in Iceland for some extra time. However, Amber chose not to do so.

“If I knew this was gonna happen, my a** woulda stood in Iceland,” Amber M. said while watching a scene of Lolo crying to Nam on Episode 11.

“Guys, so let me tell you. When I went home, they pull you aside before TJ says his goodbyes and ask you, ‘Are you gonna go straight home, or do you want to stay like in Iceland?’” Amber explained during her reaction video.

“My a** was over it. I’m like, ‘Book me the quickest flight.’ But I know for a fact that if I would’ve decided to like explore Iceland- because usually, everyone explores the country takes advantage. But I just was like, I was done, especially after that Hall Brawl. I was done,” Amber said of her decision.

“I’m just upset, because imagine if I would’ve stayed, and they would’ve called me like, ‘Oh Lolo left, we need you to come back,’” Amber M said.

Based on what happened with Ashley getting to return, Amber M. seems to think they would’ve brought her back on the show if she’d been on standby. That could’ve been because TJ admired that she was willing to compete for her Gold Skull or due to how much screen time she was given with events in the house. It might have even created more drama.

Either way, Amber and her friends in the reaction video believe that instead, there may be a double elimination on the way for Episode 12 to help deal with having two male Rogue Agents. It also still seems possible that Amber M. will be asked back for a future season, based on her appearance on Double Agents.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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