The Challenge: Double Agents’ Amber M and Big T discuss castmate’s lying, competitor’s injury

amber martinez and tula fazakerley during double agents episode 9 reaction video
Amber M and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley during their Double Agents reaction video. Pic credit: Spill/YouTube

The Challenge: Double Agents stars Amber M and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley recently reacted to seeing the way events unfolded on screen in Episode 9.

During a YouTube reaction video, which also included Amber’s cousin Kimmy, they discussed their supposed alliance member and friend who was caught lying. Big T revealed she found out that the castmate was still spreading lies after the episode.

Also, Amber M. and Big T talked about how the recently-eliminated competitor had been dealing with an injury that impacted their performance.

Amber M. and Big T talk about castmate’s lying

One of the revelations that arrived for Amber M during Double Agents was Amber Borzotra lying to her despite them becoming friends ahead of filming. Amber M. even called her out in Episode 9 as a “fake b**h” when the two had a conversation.

It came from the way the voting went in Episode 8, where Amber B. pretended to Amber M. she wasn’t going to vote for her and partner Mechie Harris. She still voted for them due to her Big Brother alliance. Amber B. even went to Kyle Christie, who was part of the Double Agents power team, and asked him not to reveal to Amber M. how she voted.

Amber M. learned from castmate Devin Walker that Amber B. had been lying, though.

As Amber M. and Big T watched Double Agents Episode 9 together, they were confused by things Amber B. was saying and telling castmate Gabby Allen. They said Amber B. didn’t make sense and seemed “all over the place.”

While watching the episode, Big T became caught up in messages on her phone. She revealed to Amber M. and her cousin that she was getting more information about Amber B.’s lying. She said she’d share it with them after the reaction video (below).

“When somebody is like compulsively lying and the game is over, like why are you still doing that?” Big T said to Amber M. and her cousin, seeming to refer to Amber Borzotra.

Amber M.’s cousin said that Amber B. basically got shown on national television lying about stuff but offered that maybe seeing it can help her realize what she does and “make her a better person.”

“I don’t know. I just think that some people are compulsive liars,” Big T said.

Later, Big T also shared she was getting more information from a source on her phone. Basically, Big T indicated that Amber B. was claiming she said stuff she hadn’t said.

“I believe the source,” Big T told Amber M. and her cousin, seeming upset with what she’d learned. Possibly those details will arrive at a later date, perhaps at a Double Agents reunion.

Big T discusses Theresa’s injury at elimination

The Episode 9 elimination pitted sophomore Challenge competitor Kaycee Clark against veteran Theresa Jones in Operation: Snapping Point. The two ladies were attached at opposite ends of a harness and had to race in the sand towards their metal rings once TJ Lavin blew the horn.

The object was to be the first to retrieve three rings and put them on three different posts. While the elimination may have been stretched out a bit for the TV footage, it was a dominant performance for Kaycee as she won 3-0 while Theresa struggled.

Big T revealed in the YouTube reaction video that Theresa was dealing with an injury during the event.

“It was really hard to watch that elimination. I don’t know if Theresa’s put this out publicly, but she was actually very injured when she did this elimination,” Big T revealed, saying Theresa had hurt her shoulder.

Big T said Theresa had an injury before the elimination event, and it was aggravated while competing on the show. Big T said she could hear Theresa groaning due to the pain as she struggled in the elimination event.

Amber M. also shared that there was one point where Theresa took off her knee and elbow pads during elimination to put them under her harness near the injured shoulder for padding. However, she was still unable to compete at 100 percent. Kaycee ended up getting the win and Gold Skull.

“I’m not taking this away from Kaycee at all because I think Kaycee is a beast, but if Theresa wasn’t injured- we don’t know how that would’ve ended,” Big T said of the elimination.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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