The Challenge: Amber M reveals what happened after Double Agents reunion including castmate unfollowing her

amber martinez during her the challenge double agents reunion reaction video
The Challenge: Double Agents rookie Amber M spilled exclusive post-reunion details in her YouTube video. Pic credit: Spill/YouTube

One of the main stars of the recent reunion episodes for The Challenge: Double Agents was outspoken rookie Amber M, who talked about her issues with several castmates during the show.

That included her addressing a back-and-forth Twitter exchange with Fessy Shafaat and in-game talk or strategy used by Tori Deal and Amber Borzotra.

After the reunion episodes had aired, Amber M. shared some additional details fans may not have heard about. That included one castmate unfollowing her and two other castmates telling her to come to dinner with everyone after the reunion.

There was also a bit of an incident with several cast members getting stuck together in an elevator, some of whom had been arguing during the Double Agents reunion.

Amber reveals castmate unfollowed her on social media

In her latest YouTube reaction video, Double Agents rookie Amber M and her cousin Kimmy went over all the drama and events of the second part of the reunion.

During the video, Amber brought up how Josh Martinez kept getting involved in conversations at the reunion that didn’t involve him, such as when she was confronting Amber Borzotra about her lying (below).

Amber also shared in her YouTube video that Josh made a comment to her that didn’t rub her the right way before they even got to the reunion stage. She didn’t reveal what that was but then shared a message for her castmate about interfering in other people’s business.

“He already got me upset with a comment…He made a comment to me y’all, like, before, like, I got on stage, and it just like rubbed me the wrong way, so that was already built up,” Amber said in her video (below).

“I know you are known for being messy, but keep it shut. Like, keep it shut, and keep it moving,” Amber said about Josh.

Amber went on to reveal that Josh unfollowed her on social media. Her cousin asked if that was “before or after” the reunion, and Amber confirmed it was after the Double Agents reunion.

So it’s possible these two won’t be getting along too well on a future season unless they’re partnered as rivals. Even then, they may still have trouble coexisting on The Challenge based on what went down.

Amber M. and several Double Agents castmates were trapped in an elevator

Even though there was a lot of arguing and rehashing of drama on the Double Agents reunion, Amber M. said in her video that most of the people who attended the reunion in person went out for dinner together after. She said she originally went back to her hotel room and wasn’t going to go because she’d just argued with Amber, Fessy, and Josh, plus she had the “Tori situation.”

However, Amber said two of her castmates showed up and invited her out, basically telling her that the season’s over, so it’s time to be done with the drama.

“So then I get back to my room and then Kam [Williams] and Nany [Gonzalez] came over, and they’re like, ‘Girl, that’s it. The show’s over. Drama is done. It doesn’t exist, let’s just go out to eat,'” Amber shared around the 17:30 mark of the video, revealing she accepted the invite.

She mentioned it was funny to see some people hugging and acting like it was all love despite the drama they’d had on the show, almost as if that drama was just for the cameras.

Amber also said she was “super respectful” with all of her castmates there, even the ones she’d argued with, but didn’t act like they were “besties” or friends after the arguments.

Following the cast going out to eat, many of them went out to a party to celebrate Cory Wharton’s birthday. Amber said it was a fun time, but then revealed that she and several of her castmates got trapped in an elevator after the party.

“Of course, I ended the night being stuck in an elevator for like three hours…I was stuck. It was like two in the morning after the party. It was me, Fessy, Tori, Josh, Aneesa, Jay, and four of Tori’s friends,” Amber shared.

“Ten people in a little elevator. You already know Josh was going crazy. He was trying to open the elevator doors. Like you saw the wall. It was scary. There was no air. Like we had to tell people to shut up. Like it’s hot. Your breath is hot,” she mentioned about the situation.

Amber said it was about three hours later that the fire department finally showed up, and everyone was sleeping on the elevator floor when they arrived. Luckily, they got there before any more arguing broke out between Amber and three people she’d been in arguments with during the season or reunion.

“So that’s how my night ended, but I had a great time. I really did,” Amber said, also mentioning she enjoyed her first season of The Challenge and everyone she met.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date for MTV is TBA in 2021.

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