The Challenge: Amanda Garcia shows support for castmate in Big Brother boxing event, fans react

amanda garcia from the challenge
The Challenge star Amanda Garcia last appeared on the War of the Worlds season. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Several stars from The Challenge and Big Brother fame are set to get into a different sort of competition as a celebrity boxing event will take place in August.

The event will feature Big Brother stars from the United States going against stars from Big Brother Canada in the ring, including several current and former Challenge competitors.

Amanda Garcia recently gave her support for her former castmate in his upcoming fight, prompting many fans to react after seeing her comments.

Amanda Garcia tweets support for Challenge castmate

Fans last saw former Are You The One? star Amanda Garcia on MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds season. She initially had one partner in the first episode, but due to his injury making him unable to continue, rookie Josh Martinez was brought back into the game as Amanda’s teammate.

The season involved Josh developing a crush on Amanda who wasn’t having it beyond the friendship level. There was also a heated incident in which he went at Ashley Cain, following an argument involving Amanda.

While Amanda wasn’t interested in Josh in a romantic way, they still seemed to hit it off as friends and castmates. That has seemingly led to Amanda’s recent show of support for Josh in his Big Brother boxing match, set for next month.

“@JOSHMBB19 GUNNA F**K HIM UPPPPP!!! LETS GOOO!” Amanda retweeted a Celebrity Net Fights promotion to show her support of her Challenge castmate.

Josh will take on Big Brother Canada’s Adam Pike in the boxing showdown set for August 6, 2021, at College Park Center in Arlington, Texas. Other Challenge stars from Big Brother will appear in fights including Fessy Shafaat, Kaycee Clark, and Jozea Flores. Fans will be able to watch on pay-per-view with more details available at the Celebrity Net Fights website.

Fans react to Amanda’s show of support for Josh

By now, it’s no secret that Josh Martinez has become a polarizing cast member from The Challenge, due to his various antics and arguments.

In the Double Agents season, viewers saw him get into verbal altercations with CT Tamburello, Devin Walker, and Jay Starrett. He even shoved Devin in one instance and slapped a drink towards Kyle Christie in another.

Fans gave their reactions to Amanda’s tweet, with many of them seeming to disapprove of her showing support for Josh, or simply stating they believe Josh doesn’t have a chance in his fight.

fan replies with gif to amanda garcia supporting castmate josh martinez

Pic credit: @mtv_AMANDAG/Twitter
fan reacts to amanda garcia tweet about josh martinez boxing event
Pic credit: @mtv_AMANDAG/Twitter

At least one fan advised Amanda not to put any money on the fight, as Josh could be seriously outmatched when he takes on the BB Canada star.

fan reacts after amanda garcia supports challenge star josh martinez
Pic credit: @mtv_AMANDAG/Twitter

At least one fan seemed to be in support of the Amanda and Josh friendship that carried over from War of the Worlds.

challenge fan comments on amanda garcia supporting josh martinez boxing
Pic credit: @mtv_AMANDAG/Twitter

Another fan speculated on Amanda returning to The Challenge once again in their tweet, so fans may have something to look forward to in the future.

fan reacts to amanda garcia tweet about josh m boxing event
Pic credit: @mtv_AMANDAG/Twitter

While there are plenty of fans who are fed up with Josh returning to The Challenge, a producer commented during an interview weeks ago that she’s one of her favorites for many reasons. That riled up fans even more as they realized he may continue to get called back no matter what.

While he won’t be in the ring against any of his former Challenge rivals like Devin or Kyle from Double Agents, he will be part of a “fight.” Fans who want to see Josh possibly get knocked out by a Big Brother Canada star can check out his bout during the Celebrity Net Fights on August 6.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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