The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 4 recap: Replacement OG arrives, and injury scare occurs at The Arena

cast members in the challenge all stars 3 episode 4
Some of The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast members at the daily challenge in Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

As All Stars 3, Episode 4 opened, the OGs took a day off to barbeque and had some fun in the water outside the house. Derrick Kosinski said the ceasefire would only last until their next daily challenge. After winning the last challenge, Brad Fiorenza contemplated who to use his Sabotage on but seemed to have MJ Garrett in mind.

In a confessional, Nia Moore brought up the playful, sexual chemistry she’s had with castmate Jordan Wiseley for years. She said they never really acted on it, but she wasn’t sure how long that would last.

Sylvia Elsrode and Kailah Casillas discussed who Kailah would use the Sabotage on. They felt her best options were KellyAnne Judd or Kendal Sheppard because they’re a strong duo. KellyAnne discussed Kendal’s game move using the Sabotage on MJ and the Treehouse, which KellyAnne calls “The Witch House.”

MJ, Mark Long, and Darrell Taylor talked about who Brad might use his Sabotage on. Mark didn’t think it was going to be on MJ again. They joked about having a daily challenge that was high up. Darrell said he might need a hypnotist to cure him of his fear.

High Stakes daily challenge freaks OGs out

At the daily challenge, host TJ Lavin told the OGs that he got a replacement since Jemmye Carroll and Tina Bridges left. A dune buggy came speeding down the beach towards them. They soon saw Beth Stolarczyk, whom MJ said he hadn’t seen in 15 years.

The daily challenge involved groups of three OGs each. The daily challenge was 150 feet up in the air with three planks. At the end of the plank was a math equation they had to solve. The first one to solve it in each group would drop the other two competitors in whatever order they choose.

The winners would be the one man and one woman to finish it fastest. Whoever dropped the fastest of all the OGs would be going straight to elimination. The Sabotage was a one-minute time penalty. Kailah put it on Kendal, and Brad put his on MJ.

high stakes daily challenge in all stars 3 episode 4
OGs compete in the High Stakes daily challenge in All Stars 3, Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

Mark won the first group and dropped Yes followed by Derrick. In the second group, Kailah won and dropped KellyAnne, followed by Sylvia.

A men’s group had Darrell Taylor, MJ, and Jordan. Despite TJ trying to encourage him, Darrell was freaking out about having to be up so high and told them to unhook him. That meant he would automatically be in the men’s elimination. MJ had a one-minute penalty at the start against Jordan but won anyway.

Beth also wouldn’t participate in her group, which Jonna Mannion won, so Roni Chance dropped.

Brad won his heat, dropping Wes Bergmann, followed by Nehemiah Clark. Kendal had a one-minute Sabotage. Veronica Portillo won that group, dropping Kendal and Nia.

TJ revealed Brad, MJ, Mark, Veronica, Jonna, and Kailah were The Authority. Just like All Stars 3, Episode 3, Brad and Kailah were the overall winners again. Darrell and Beth were automatically going into elimination.

Beth tries to join The Treehouse alliance

Back at the house, Beth joked about interviewing for the Treehouse. They didn’t want her, though, so she roomed elsewhere.

Beth spoke with Kendal about walking into a Lion’s Den with this challenge with all the fierce competitors. They said they need more OGs there. Nia talked about in confessional how the Treehouse is targeting them, and they need to band together and be cohesive. KellyAnne told Beth that Kailah is her goddaughter’s favorite Challenger.

Mark spoke with Darrell about who to give him for elimination. Mark said Wes or Jordan would be ideal, but Darrell said he didn’t care either way. Darrell said in confessional he’s hoping they give him Jordan because he knows he won’t beat him in a final.

While the cast was out, Beth and Veronica chatted about their feud over the years and even had some dual confessional scenes. They said they last appeared together in 2005’s The Inferno II. They said they weren’t sure why they were never friends.

They showed a flashback to The Inferno II argument between them. During their confessional, Veronica said Beth always seemed to be someone who liked the camera’s attention and played to that. Beth said Veronica used to have threesomes with the cameras around. They argued a bit, showing their feud may not be over.

Footage showed Jordan and Nia in bed together that night. In confessional, Jordan discussed their sexual tension over the years and said they may have acted on it before.

The Authority decides elimination matchups with ease

Brad, Mark, MJ, Kailah, Jonna, and Veronica met to determine who to send in. Mark said he wanted to throw Jordan in, who had already said his name.

MJ said if Wes was in the Authority, he thought he’d throw him in. Brad said in confessional he wouldn’t say his name. Kailah said Wes gives her “sketchy vibes.” Veronica said the two people she doesn’t want to see win the game are Wes and Jordan.

The girls’ names that came up were KellyAnne and Kendal. Veronica wasn’t sure if Beth would compete in her elimination but felt it might be a shot to get rid of KellyAnne.

It was 4-2 in favor of Jordan going in instead of Wes. For the women, Kendal was a unanimous vote. When the women told her she was going into elimination, she felt they weren’t sorry about doing it.

Who went home from the Episode 4 elimination?

At The Arena, the elimination event was Steamroller. They were both placed inside a steel barrel. They had to push in opposite directions to get the barrel to their side of The Arena. The first one to do that would be the winner, while the loser would get eliminated.

The women competed first. Kendal had a good strategy initially, but Beth soon figured out what to do, and her size advantage gave her the easy win.

It was time for Darrell versus Jordan in an epic matchup of multi-time champions. Darrell had a great early start. KellyAnne said Darrell might wear himself out with the strategy he was using. Jordan started trash-talking Darrell as his strategy because he said he would go all night if he had to.

Jordan said in confessional it felt they’d been there for an eternity without moving. On the screen, it showed nearly an hour had passed. Darrell said his quads were starting to give out, and he was in a lot of pain.

Eventually, it was too much for him. Darrell crawled out of the barrel and was down on the sand in pain. That allowed Jordan to roll to the other side quickly. Darrell stayed on the ground in pain as castmates went over to check on him. They put him on a stretcher to load him into an ambulance.

the challenge all stars 3 episode 4 elimination event
The Challenge: All Stars 3’s Darrell Taylor on the ground in pain during the Episode 4 elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

“I’m getting too old for this s**t, but I’m not saying I’m done,” he said in confessional, adding he needs to go home, see his family, and work on his quads.

Later, TJ told the OGs the medics were taking care of Darrell, and he would be fine. Jordan returned to the game, and Wes said in confessional that he knows he’s incredibly dangerous. Beth also returned to the game. Kendal said farewell to everyone. In her final confessional, she said she was upset about disappointing her family again.

KellyAnne said she was waiting until one of the Treehouse members messed up, and then she would strike.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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