The Bachelor’s Victoria Fuller may have messier past than Jed Wyatt

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller supposedly has a messy past. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller is one of the final four women left on Peter Weber’s season. While Peter may be keeping her around for a reason, Reality Steve is reporting that she may have a sketchy past that may ruin the outcome for her on the show. If not, it may change people’s perception of her as what happened with Jed Wyatt last season of The Bachelor.

On Twitter, Reality Steve defended himself after being criticized for only saying bad things about the guys. As he points out on Twitter, if something is said about the women, he’ll share it too.

And that’s when he revealed that he thought Victoria F from Peter’s season could potentially be worse than Jed Wyatt from last season.

As fans may recall, Jed had been dating someone else prior to going on The Bachelorette and had even promised her to contract her once he got home. However, this never worked out because he ended up engaged to Hannah B. Not at any point did Hannah learn about this other woman. The two ended up breaking up weeks after their engagement, as stories started to surface about his secret relationship.

Right now, it’s uncertain whether she had a boyfriend prior to filming, but her past did surface while filming.

As Monsters & Critics has previously reported, it was Victoria’s ex-boyfriend who ended up serenading her and Peter on a one-on-one date. Reality Steve captured all of the drama on his Twitter feed, revealing that producers most likely set everything up for an odd and awkward confrontation.

However, this relationship surely isn’t what is making her one of the more dramatic contestants on the show. There must be more to her story that will come out shortly, especially since Steve believes she could be worse than Jed Wyatt.

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 6, 2020, at 8/7c on ABC.

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