The Bachelor’s Sarah Hamrick said she was called explicit names and roasted for her race on the group date

Sarah Hamrick
The Bachelor’s Sarah Hamrick says she was called explicit names and roasted for her race in the group date. Pic credit: ABC

The Shanae Ankney controversy is still unfolding, but last night’s episode has fans wondering if ABC is already rolling out the next dramatic feud.

The Bachelor’s Sarah Hamrick and Mara Agrait did not hold back on this week’s roast group date and appeared noticeably focused on each other.

Sarah continued to fuel rumors by saying roasts about her race, age, and appearance weren’t shown in the episode.

Sarah Hamrick says contestants roasted her race, age, and appearance

Sarah, one of the youngest contestants, appeared to first target one of the oldest contestants, Mara in her roast.

“We all know Rachel showed up on night one with a woman in her 70s. Mara, I’m so glad that you’re still here,” Sarah said.

However, Sarah defended her actions in an Instagram story, writing that the clips may not have been shown in the order they actually happened. She also revealed that more comments were directed at her than were aired on the show.

Sarah Hamrick Instagram
Pic credit: @sarahahamrick/Instagram

“I was ‘roasted’ for my age, race, appearance, etc. (apparently called explicit names) but can laugh bc I know how to take a joke.”

Sarah has previously been open on the show about how isolating it was being adopted into a white family from a young age. Sarah, who is part Vietnamese, spoke out on how feeling ostracized and unseen growing up has impacted her life and relationships.

Fans took to Reddit to share their frustration that Sarah’s race was used in the roast.

comment on the Sarah Hamrick roast
Pic credit: @thoughtat4am/Reddit

Sara did not appear to be holding any grudges, however, ending her message with “all love no hate.”

She does not say who commented on her race, only implies that more goes on behind-the-scenes than is shown.

Fans were surprised at the tension between Sarah Hamrick and Mara Agrait

Viewers were also surprised at the sudden tension between Sarah and Mara.

Mara took a swing at her fellow contestant’s age, saying, “Sarah, honey. So young and so confident. But honestly, Clayton, if you end up with her, give me a call whenever you need a babysitter.”

Like Sarah, she did not appear to regret her comments on the show, taking to her Instagram story to repost several fans’ reactions to her roast.

“Boom, Roasted,” she captioned a clip of the confrontation.

Mara Agrait insta
Pic credit: @agreat_mara/Instagram

Mara also joked “lol too far??” on a screenshot of a tweet referencing herself appearing to refer to Sarah as a ‘desperate b**ch.’

Mara Agrait Instagram
Pic credit: @agreat_mara/Instagram

Viewers will have to tune back in next week to see if the tension continues between the two contestants.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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