Clayton’s group date on The Bachelor tonight gets salty when the girls roast each other

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard has the women roast each other on the group date. Pic credit: ABC

In tonight’s episode, Episode 5, of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, things get lively and spicy when the girls are asked to roast the season, Clayton, and/or each other.

Clayton Echard and the women fire shots on group date

Jesse Palmer, this season’s host of The Bachelor, starts off the group date roast by announcing, “Who’s ready for a good old-fashioned roast?”

Clayton can be seen smiling, clapping, and, unsurprisingly, licking his lips. The girls can also be seen cheering and smiling. Both the girls and Clayton look excited but also pretty nervous about what is to come.

Jesse starts off by introducing Mr. Russell Peters to the stage. Russell Peters is a Canadian stand-up comedian, actor, and producer. Russell is in the Top 5 of highest-paid comedians and is the first comedian to get his own stand-up special on Netflix.

Russell starts by saying to the entire group, “Let’s get this thing started. You guys ready?”

Who are the highlighted women in the preview, and what did they say in their roasts?

It looks like Eliza Isichei is up first, and she says she is going to start by roasting Clayton. She gets right into it as she looks at Clayton and reads, “You obviously have a dump truck a**. So I’m just confused on why you haven’t taken out all the trash yet,” as she gestures to the other women in the group date.

Serene Russell gets up on stage next and says into the mic, “I’m so happy to be here. To have been chosen to be on Shanae’s season of Bachelorette.” Come on, Clayton…you knew that would be coming, right?! The girls found that hysterical as they laughed and laughed. Even Clayton let out a laugh.

Sarah Hamrick went next, but her target wasn’t Shanae; it was Mara. She goes after Mara by saying, “We all know Rachel showed up on night one with a woman in her 70s. Mara, I’m so glad that you’re still here.” While Mara laughs it off and shows maturity, Clayton and Jesse cringe a bit.

Mara can be seen in an interview after this off-camera saying, “Sarah’s the youngest one in the house. And, I mean, she’s got this confidence that is teetering on cockiness.”

Mara comes back with her own joke for Sarah as she claims, “Sarah, honey. So young and so confident. But honestly, Clayton, if you end up with her, give me a call whenever you need a babysitter. I got you.” Sarah, however, did not find that humorous as she gave Mara a look.

Will the roast cause new tensions in the house?

What will the other girls say when they get up for their roasts? Will there be tension in the house because of what is said?

Find out tonight when the women vying for Clayton’s heart on the group date stand up at the mic.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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