The Bachelorette’s Andrew Spencer pretends to cut a strip of Greg Grippo’s hair off

Greg Grippo and Andrew Spencer
The Bachelorette’s Greg Grippo lets new roommate Andrew Spencer give him a haircut. Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Instagram

The fan-favorite Bachelor Nation bromance is taking their relationship to the next level – into the barbershop.

The Bachelorette’s Greg Grippo let his new roommate, Andrew Spencer, trim his hair, and posted the entire exchange on social media.

Andrew Spencer pretended to cut all of Greg Grippo’s hair off in a trim

The two couldn’t stop goofing around as Andrew worked on shaving off Greg’s “rat tail.”

Although Greg only let Andrew trim off a bit of overgrown hair at the bottom of his neck, he was clearly nervous about letting his friend near his hair.

“Alright, Drew is about to cut the back of my hair,” Greg said, as he filmed himself and Andrew sitting in front of a mirror in their bathroom.

Andrew pretended to slide the razor straight up the back of Greg’s head as he got ready to trim. Greg, who was watching the process and videoing through his phone, looked anxious when Andrew pretended to be shocked.

Greg Grippo Instagram
Pic credit: @greggrippo/Instagram

“Bro what’d you do?” he asked.

Andrew couldn’t hold in his laugh and lost it at his friend’s expression.

“I’m f**king with you,” he said.

“Don’t do that,” Greg said, not letting go of the joke so easily.

Greg got into the spirit too, however, and jokingly asked Andrew how long he’d been cutting hair for.

“Been doing this since I was 6,” Andrew said. “I stayed in an orphanage and, you know, we didn’t have anything so I used to use scissors. Now this is an upgrade,” he said, pointing to the razor.

“It’s the way I give back to the community.”

Greg Grippo Instagram
Pic credit: @greggrippo/Instagram

Greg Grippo showed off the new haircut he was given by Andrew Spencer

Despite all of his worries, Greg appeared pleased with Andrew’s salon skills, which he showed off in the mirror.

Greg Grippo Instagram
Pic credit: @greggrippo/Instagram

Andrew himself was also proud of the cut, grinning widely and waving around the razor as they admired Greg’s trim.

Greg Grippo Instagram
Pic credit: @greggrippo/Instagram

“I like that bro,” he said. “I like that!” he yelled louder.

The two recently moved to the west coast in what is a reportedly a trial run on living together. They’ve already made the best of their time together and have reunited with other Bachelorette alums to explore California.

They also documented a trip to Disneyland with fellow castmate Mikey Planeta.

Andrew and Greg haven’t confirmed if they are moving in together permanently yet, but they appear to be getting along well as roommates so far and enjoying the new city.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.   

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