The Bachelorette’s Andrew Spencer and Greg Grippo are moving to Los Angeles together

Andrew Spencer and Greg Grippo
The Bachelorette’s Greg Grippo and Andrew Spencer are moving to L.A. together. Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Instagram

One of the most successful Bachelor Nation bromances is taking the next step in their relationship and moving in together.

The Bachelorette’s Greg Grippo and Andrew Spencer announced they will be moving to Los Angeles for a trial run together.

Andrew has been teasing fans with vague hints about the move, but Greg revealed all the details on the Tea with Publyssity podcast.

Greg Grippo and Andrew Spencer are moving to L.A. for a trial run

The dynamic duo is moving out to L.A. for two to three weeks to try out the new city and see how they feel about living together.

Although Greg expressed some doubts about how he would fit into L.A, he appeared excited to take the risk.

“If there’s anybody out there that I would want to experience a new city with, it’s Andrew,” Greg said on the Tea with Publyssity podcast. “He is just so fun to be around. He like cracks me up like all the time.”

The Bachelor alum said he hadn’t heard the best things about L.A. and that he had been told people didn’t walk as much as in New York.

He continued on to say, however, that he and Andrew are good at going with the flow and putting themselves in weird and new situations.

Andrew Spencer and Greg Grippo are cheered on by Bachelor nation

Andrew recently celebrated his last day living with his cousin and Bachelor in Paradise alum, Clay Harbor.

He also took to social media to document the move, writing “Love you CHICAGO and I’ll miss ya. Hello LA” as a caption on an Instagram photo.

Greg chimed in to say “Hey see ya there.”

“Roomie,” Andrew wrote back.

greg and andrew instagram
Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Instagram

His Bachelor Nation friends also showed their support for the big life change in the comment section.

“Welcome to the west coast my boy,” Rodney Mathews wrote.

rodney mathews comment
Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Instagram

“Can I come visit pls,” commented Justin Glaze.

“Is water wet!! See you on the west side my boy!” Andrew responded.

justin glaze comment
Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Instagram

“Y’all East Coast boys are going to never want to go back after you fully experience this West Coast weather. Welcome to the big leagues kid,” The Bachelorette’s Mikey Planeta joked.

Mikey Planeta comment
Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Instagram

Greg Grippo admits doubts about moving to L.A. with Andrew Spencer

Although Andrew and Greg are excited about their newest adventure, Greg admitted he’s not entirely sold on the west coast. He said he sees himself in Boston or somewhere on the east coast long-term to be near his family.

It appears as though the move is currently only a trial run, but fans of the duo can look forward to more content from the pair in the meantime.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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