The Bachelorette viewers want justice for Joe after Michelle Young shockingly sends him home

Joe Coleman clasps his hands
The Bachelorette viewers are heartbroken after Joe got eliminated. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young shocked Bachelor Nation when she sent longtime frontrunner Joe Coleman home. 

Michelle seemed to be smitten by Joe even before he first stepped out of the limo, as she even revealed that she previously slid in his DMs. 

Joe became Michelle’s “slice of home” on the show since they were both from Minnesota and shared a love for basketball. It seemed like the final rose was Joe’s to lose.

However, after fantasy suites, Michelle had a change of heart and decided that she had stronger connections with the two remaining men, Nayte and Brandon. 

The Bachelorette viewers were heartbroken to see Joe go home and took to social media to voice their disappointment and desire for Joe to have justice. 

The Bachelorette viewers think Joe Coleman was perfect for Michelle Young

Many viewers felt Michelle Young made a big mistake sending Joe home, as they found him to be both attractive and a sincere and gentle soul. One The Bachelorette fan used the hashtag #justiceforjoe as they shared a nice photo of the Minnesota baller. 

Another The Bachelorette viewer broke down why they think Joe was the one for Michelle,  writing, “Ugghhhh I genuinely think that Joe was her best option. Brandon loves her too much, beyond the point of obsession. Nate could get their but he mostly needs more time before the proposal. But Joe? He was the one!!” 

Another The Bachelorette fan used a children’s book reference to explain why Michelle made a mistake in not picking Joe by tweeting, “Goldilocks said no thanks to ‘just right!’”

The Bachelorette viewers mourn Joe’s elimination and hope to see him again 

Since Joe had captured the hearts of plenty of The Bachelorette viewers, they clearly took his elimination hard. 

One fan declared Joe’s elimination “the biggest upset of the season!”

Another Joe Coleman enthusiast expressed, “I’m gonna need a minute to get over Joe.” 

Some The Bachelorette viewers felt Joe Coleman would have made a far better and more likable Bachelor than current choice Clayton Echard. Since Joe wasn’t chosen to be the next Bachelor, The Bachelorette fans are crossing their fingers in hopes that Joe will make an appearance on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Joe’s love story with Michelle may have come to an end, but he certainly has a lot of love from Bachelor Nation. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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2 years ago

My wife and I feel the comments and feedback on Michelle letting Joe go are all so true. They were a perfect match in so many ways. He was the handsome, stable, content, loveable guy with a great foundation and bright future. It’s hard to realize what Michelle was thinking. She even mentioned that after spending 24 hours with Joe,” he changed everything”. She appeared excited and positive? I’d rather not see Joe on Bachelor in Paradise, as that environment doesn’t appear to be his type of vibe. He truly appears to be a good hearted soul who enjoys to be on the down low. Another thought….think about how many Bachelorette first engagements truly last. Not many. I’d rather see Joe hold out and wait for his soul mate to come back asking for another chance, realizing she made a big mistake. They belong together. Changes are they could definitely run into each other in Minneapolis. Can you imagine how cute their kids would be! Stay single Joe, Michelle’s going to realize how much you mean to her!

2 years ago

totally agree, she will make the big mistake and choose Nayte…..he is a jerk but she can’t see that yet. They will NOT get married. Another girl might just get lucky enough to snatch up Joe and Brandon as well. Sad that these girls seem to pick the wrong one. They are so smitten by the act the dude puts on and then the real reality kicks in and bam…..they break up.

2 years ago
Reply to  skygoddessMil

So true. It said in the previews that the finale would be something we wouldn’t expect, so who knows? The fact that both of them live in Minneapolis and will be there whether they are together or not, is unique, so they could end up back together in time! Will be interesting to watch this play out.

2 years ago

I was so disappointed that she sent Joe home. He is the perfect match for Michelle….very sad about it.