Joe Coleman admits he didn’t think Michelle Young would recognize him from their DMs

Joe Coleman admits he didn’t expect Season 18 Bachelorette Michelle Young to remember him from their DM conversations. Pic credit: ABC

Joe Coleman ghosted The Bachelorette before he even met her.

The 28-year-old recently took to Bachelor Nation’s Happy Hour podcast to discuss the infamous moment on premiere night when Season 18 Bachelorette, Michelle Young called him out for ghosting her DM on social media.

“I thought it’d be a topic of discussion later on,” the Minnesota native told host Tayshia Adams. “Not necessarily right then and there in that moment.”

He added, “I’m glad we had that conversation, we just nipped it in the bud right there.”

While Joe admits to the ghosting, he confessed to The Bachelorette host that he didn’t expect Michelle to recognize him from social media.

Joe Coleman admits he didn’t think Michelle Young would recognize him from social media

Being the last one to walk out of the limo on night one, of the intense moment, Joe told Tayshia, “I can easily say that was the most nervous I’ve been in my life.”

Comparing his experience on The Bachelorette to his career in collegiate sports, “Like, I’ve been in a lot of games where, you know, games were on the line, where I’m at the free-throw line, nothing compares to that opening night.”

The former athlete admitted he didn’t expect Michelle to remember their interaction as it had happened so long ago and they never actually met in person.

“I don’t understand, you knew that she saw your Instagram,” Tayshia replied. “You guys had just DMed a couple of times, it was nothing more than that. So you guys have never met in person before, so you just thought you would kinda get away with it?”

Joe explained he wasn’t trying to “necessarily get away with it”, he just didn’t expect it to be a part of their first conversation in person.

Joe’s friends nominated him for The Bachelorette because they felt he and Michelle “would be a good couple”

Due to the ghosted DMs, like Bachelor Nation, Michelle questioned Joe’s motivations for appearing on the show.

However, while on the podcast, the former college basketball player also revealed he was nominated for the show because it was Michelle.

“I had some people from Minnesota, [they] thought, you know me and Michelle would be a good couple,” Joe explained.

While Joe said “there was no way” he’d apply to be on The Bachelorette, an hour later, he received a screenshot from his friend detailing his nomination for the show.

“So at least you weren’t trying to get on the show for years now,” Tayshia replied. “It was really just because you thought, [I mean] your friend thought, you would have a connection with Michelle.”

Do you believe Joe Coleman is on The Bachelorette for the right reasons? Let us know in the comments.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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