The Bachelorette: Tyler Norris slams Tino Franco’s family after his hometown visit

Tyler Norris
Tyler Norris speaks out about Tino Franco’s family. Pic credit: ABC

Although Tyler Norris was eliminated before Rachel Recchia could even meet his family during his hometown date, he still has nothing but great things to say about her.

However, he doesn’t have as many good things to say about Tino Franco’s hometown date with Rachel.

In fact, Tyler was not impressed at all with how Tino’s parents grilled Rachel in the way that they did.

While Tyler was fine with Tino’s mom and dad asking some of the questions they did, he did not approve of the way they came off and the tone they used.

Tyler believed that Tino’s parents were trying to intimidate Rachel, which in no way should have happened in his opinion.

Even though Rachel sent him home, Tyler still felt for Rachel the whole time she had to sit through the conversations and accusatory tones that Tino’s parents used with her.

Tyler Norris revealed his thoughts on Tino Franco’s parents

As a guest on the Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast, with co-hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, Tyler shared some answers to the tough questions the men had for him on air.

The first question that the co-hosts asked was about Tyler’s feelings about Tino’s hometown visit, and he answered honestly by saying, “Oof. Watching that… It was tough.”

Tyler went on to state, “His parents were asking reasonable questions. I mean, I get it, but if you understand how everything works in this journey and seeing that ultimately there are success stories and your son’s getting involved in something like that, you’ve got to know what he’s signing up for.”

He then declared, “His parents were grilling Rachel. They were asking reasonable questions, but definitely grilling her.”

Tyler also told the co-hosts and viewers that it’s so hard and nerve-racking meeting your significant others’ families, especially in this situation. He explained that with most people, parental support and approval are huge, so it’s really hard if the parents of someone you love or really like don’t like you back.

Tyler Norris noted how his hometown visit would have gone

Had Rachel not broken up with him before meeting his parents, Tyler claimed that they would have one hundred percent loved Rachel.

He also talked about how welcoming and kind his entire family is, and that they would have, without a doubt, made her feel comfortable and wanted.

Tyler also made the comment that his parents may have had a lot of the same ones Tino’s mom and dad did, but that they would have asked them in a way that would not have Rachel feel intimidated, uncomfortable, or disliked.

For the full Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast episode with Tyler Norris, and the co-hosts Bryan and Mike, click here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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