The Bachelorette: Rachel Recchia thinks Tino Franco’s parents hate her

Rachel Recchia
Rachel Recchia did not click with Tino Franco’s parents. Pic credit: @pilot.rachel/Instagram

Fans have watched Rachel Recchia’s connection grow with Tino Franco since the moment he got out of the limo, and she stated he was her type.

Since then, Bachelor Nation has continued to see the spark between the duo, but last night, Tino’s parents didn’t seem to agree.

As hometowns, in general, are already tough, when a lead thinks the parents of someone she’s falling in love with don’t like her, it ups the anxiety and fear levels.

While Rachel accompanied Tino to meet his mom, dad, and little brother, Tino’s parents already had the other three men on their minds.

After the front-runner bluntly stated he would propose in two weeks if Rachel chose him as her winner, Tino’s dad promptly pulled him aside to talk to him.

Not only did Tino’s dad grill him, but his parents also laid into Rachel with comments and questions. It was enough to make her think they didn’t like her.

Tino Franco’s mom and dad grill Rachel Recchia during hometown date

Rachel first sat down with Tino’s mom who declared that the experience wasn’t real at all. She also wanted to know if Rachel would have ever dated Tino outside of the show, or noticed him at all.

After that tough conversation, Rachel then had to follow it up with Tino’s dad who laid it on thick.

His dad had already told Tino, “I just have a hard time believing that what you can do on a whirlwind fairy tale trip is really going to prepare you for marriage,” and there is no way after five weeks they truly know each other well enough to get engaged or married.

When he sat down with Rachel, he started the conversation by asking her how she can be ready this quickly.

He then put Rachel on the spot to see how well she actually knew Tino, asking her questions about him. While it looked as if Rachel could burst into tears at any moment, he reiterated what he had already said to Tino about it not being real.

The last thing he said to Rachel was that he just wanted Tino to fall in love with and propose to the right person. Therefore, his implication made it seem like Rachel was not that person for his son.

Were Tino Franco’s parents too much for Rachel Recchia?

After the grilling by Tino’s parents and going through the tough questions and comments, Rachel talked to a producer. She was seen saying, “Everyone hated me… I just feel shook up by them.”

She claimed she wasn’t sure what to do, or where to even go from how the night unfolded.

As Tino and Rachel walked out to talk, he told her that his parents loved her, but Rachel didn’t leave feeling that way at all.

While the two reveal to each other that they are both falling in love with one another, it’s unsure if Rachel will be able to get past the fact that she felt as if Tino’s parents hated her.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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