The Bachelorette: Tino Franco’s dad Joe continues to make waves

Tino Franco
Tino Franco’s dad makes more comments. Pic credit: @tino.360/Instagram

Tino Franco’s parents were slammed after Rachel Recchia attended her hometown visit at his house.

His dad, Joe, has spoken out, answering questions sarcastically that Bachelor Nation either asked or commented about after the visit.

Despite alums and viewers being disappointed and upset with how Joe and his wife, Sandi Franco, treated Rachel when she came into their home, Joe has continued to make waves in the franchise.

Although Tino assured Rachel that his parents would both come around, Rachel still seemed skeptical and worried about it.

Joe has continued to post and comment on his Facebook account about the show, his son, and the process as a whole.

While some viewers understand Joe’s thought process, many have criticized Joe’s opinions and thoughts and how vocal he has been throughout the show.

Joe Franco’s social media presence has made waves with Bachelor Nation

As the Us Weekly Here for the Right Reasons podcast talked about Joe Franco’s behavior and comments, they revealed that Joe has continued to cause controversy within Bachelor Nation.

Back in July, Joe made comments about the show and criticized an announcement that a commentator had made on the Bachelorette cast.

Joe stated in response to Sam Rubin’s comments, “Our oldest son is on the Bachelorette, and got the ‘first impression rose’ whatever that is. Never have seen the show.

He went on to write, “Not sure how we feel about the idea of finding your soul mate on TV and Sam’s right, it’s a bit cheesy, but nothing wrong with a little fun – it’s not 60 Minutes. Let’s hope Tino doesn’t bring shame on the name, and above all, he may not be welcomed back home if he cries on the show! But we love him anyway.”

Joe Franco continued to rant and rave on social media

After the second week the show aired, Joe again took to his social media account and called out people who tracked screen time; however, he then went on to add that luggage got more air time than his son did.

Moreover, he put out some facts about himself and his family, as well as makes light of the entire situation. Most of his responses were sarcastic and meant to be funny.

Also, more recently, Joe made a comment on Reddit that has since been deleted, saying that his son better not have sex on the show.

While Reality Steve has released who Rachel picks in the end and the status of their current relationship, viewers are curious to see if Rachel ends up with Tino and how his father reacts if that happens.

For the entire Here for the Right Reasons podcast episode where they talk about Tino and his father, Joe, click here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

She picks him and then gets dumped…..this is the mo if this show….the girls pick the wrong guy and get dumped and the guys pick the one they had the best #$% with and they too get dumped