The Bachelorette star Michelle Young rumored to be joining new reality show

Michelle Young
The rumor mill about Michelle Young’s move has been in full swing. Pic credit: @michelleyoung/Instagram

Michelle Young has undergone a lot of changes in her life in the past few months, including a new one that she has just announced.

After living in Minnesota, Michelle has made the decision to move out west to Los Angeles, and part of this reason may involve her being a contestant on another reality television show.

This announcement has come just weeks after her ex-boyfriend and winner of her season of The Bachelorette, Nayte Olukoya moved there to live with his buddy and fellow alum, Rodney Mathews.

Michelle has gone through some tough times these past summer months, like a blindsided breakup with Nayte and making the hard decision to take a step back from teaching.

Now she has made the choice for another big lifestyle change as she goes from midwest living to west coast living.

However, fans are talking about why Michelle is moving now and if there is another big reason behind her decision.

Bachelor Nation speculates on Michelle Young going on another reality show

According to a Bachelor fan site, @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt, rumor has it that Michelle is also moving to L.A. to go on Dancing With The Stars.

The caption they make states, “This may or may not be true… I am here for it though.”

Also, on the post, Mrs. Dishy, a Bachelor fan who loves passing on all of the franchise speculation and gossip, stated that she really hopes the speculation is true. She went on to say that the Bachelor world really needs some positivity right now.

Bachelor fans talk about Michelle Young moving to L.A.

The first viewer to comment showed love for Michelle as the person wrote, “So I loved Michelle. She was one of my favorites. Also because she was a teacher and seemed 100 invested in that career path until the frame of the show. For once it was nice to see one of these contestants actually looking for love in their every day life.”

Others contemplated whether her move has anything to do with being in the same city as her ex, Nayte, as they stated, “Where Nate moved.. maybe they’ll get back together [heart-faced emoji],” as well as another response claiming, “That would make me so happy.”

Fans wonder if Michelle and Nayte will reunite when she moves to L.A.
Pic credit: @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt/Instagram

Another user declared that they had a feeling Michelle would be going on Dancing With the Stars, while one person asked, “Don’t they all move to LA?”

One viewer seemed annoyed at Michelle as she asked, “Is she following him [rolling eyes emoji],” but another seemed ecstatic as they exclaimed, “Omg I’ve been manifesting this! I would be so happy for her! Happy she’s moving onward & upward, either way.”

Other fans wonder why she is really moving but are also excited for her.
Pic credit: @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt/Instagram

Whether or not Michelle ends up on Dancing With The Stars, it seems as if viewers just want her to be happy as she moves on from the obstacles she has been facing the past few months.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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