The Bachelorette spoilers: One of Rachel’s men switches sides

Rachel Recchia on The Bachelorette
Rachel Recchia seems to be gearing up for trouble in Belgium next week. Pic credit: ABC

Although Rachel Recchia has already had her fair share of letdowns on The Bachelorette, things may continue to go downhill for the lead next week.

Rachel, who has shared the spotlight alongside Gabby Windey this season, seemingly started strong with a decent amount of men that she had formed connections with — one being contestant Logan Palmer.

Although Logan seemed like a frontrunner for Rachel’s heart from the get-go, things flipped a switch on Monday’s episode when Logan admitted to having lingering feelings for Gabby.

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The change of heart came immediately after the show switched up its plotline to have the two leading ladies choose their own groups of men to pursue, rather than having the contestants pick which of the girls they wanted to date.

Monday’s episode occurred in Paris, where Rachel had already had difficulty with her group of men successfully making her feel wanted.

After shedding some tears over the matter and angrily sending contestant Hayden home after learning of his crude words towards her, it seemed as if her remaining men were truly, as the show reiterates, “in it for the right reasons.”

Rachel Recchia’s contestant Logan switches sides on The Bachelorette

After a frustrating night, Rachel and Gabby decided to cancel the remaining cocktail party and head right into their first rose ceremony in Paris. Although Logan had planned to come clean and speak to Gabby about his feelings towards her, the chance was missed.

Instead, Logan sheepishly accepted Rachel’s rose with the premonition that he would be using the opportunity to reveal his feelings to Gabby.

The preview for next week’s episode shows no drought of tears as the group switches their dreamy destination to Belgium. The clip shows a distressed Logan saying, “I care about Rachel, but I can’t put my feelings for Gabby aside.”

It then switches to a conversation between the leading ladies where Rachel tells Gabby, “This is humiliating. Humiliating.”

The Bachelorettes Set Sail to Bruges, Belgium, Where Sparks Fly and Logan Switches Sides

The preview also shows Logan seemingly switching sides to join Gabby’s group of men.

A tear-filled Rachel then says, “I quit. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Rachel Recchia sends Hayden home after inappropriate comments

Before arriving in the City of Love, Rachel’s men took note of some disturbing comments made by contestant Hayden Markowitz behind her back.

One contestant, who goes by the name Meatball, found it necessary to expose Hayden to Rachel — especially after Hayden had made it clear that he was seemingly not interested in her anymore.

Hayden made comments saying that neither Gabby nor Rachel could “hold a candle” to his ex-girlfriend, as well as admitting he “didn’t see how any guy there could be like ‘I’m f—kin’ marrying these girls.'”

Rachel Recchia Confronts Hayden About His Hurtful Language - The Bachelorette

Meatball also told Rachel that Hayden had referred to The Bachelorettes as “b**ches.”

Rachel immediately sent Hayden home even though he denied the accusations, and she later said goodbye to contestant Jordan at the night’s rose ceremony.

Although it has been a windy road for both Rachel and Gabby so far, it seems as if the wheels have no plan to slow down as the drama unfolds in Belgium next week.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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