The Bachelorette: Nate Mitchell spotted holding hands with mystery woman

Nate Mitchell
Nate Mitchell was seen with a new woman. Pic credit: ABC

Nate Mitchell won over many hearts in Bachelor Nation, including Gabby Windey’s, during this season of The Bachelorette.

Now it seems like he has quickly won over someone new’s heart.

Just days after he posted about Gabby being on The Bachelorette and having to mend his broken heart, the girl-dad has already been spotted with someone new.

As Nate walked through a grocery store in Chicago, he could be seen with a woman in the produce section.

Not only was he just with her, shopping, but the two were spotted holding hands as they shopped for fruits and vegetables.

Now, Bachelor Nation is confused about Nate’s intentions with this new woman and how real and intense his feelings were for Gabby.

Nate Mitchell was photographed holding hands with a mystery woman

According to @bachelorettewindmill’s Instagram story, Nate could be seen holding hands with a brunette woman as they shopped in a store for food.

The caption read, “Anonymous pls. Spotted Nate and another girl in Chicago today [googly eye emoji] They were both holding hands so could be dating? [googly eye emoji].”

Someone grabbed a photo of Nate Mitchell holding hands with someone new.
Pic credit: @bachelorettewindmill/Instagram

The photo and post were then re-shared on Reddit as well, and Bachelor viewers slammed Nate and discussed this recent tea that has come out.

Bachelor fans diss Nate Mitchell’s actions

One user posted, talking about Nate moving on so quickly from Gabby and his love for her, “Lest we forget this man, moves fast!!!!”

Two other viewers speculated on who the woman might be as they seemed to recognize her. As one wrote, “she kind of looks like that one tiktoker from Hawaii, her name is Kirsten Titus. ummm i don’t really know what she’s known for but she cuts fruit and gives story times?”

The other responded and added, “She travels a lot. She was just in Chicago for Lollapalooza earlier this month. You might be onto something!”

Yet another questioned, “Wasn’t he making sad tiktoks about Gabby like two days ago [three laughing/crying face emojis].”

Users talk about who the girl might be withe Nate.
Pic credit: @amberrmarie1/Reddit

While one user showed her disgust for Nate, another found the whole thing funny and enjoyed seeing and reading the tea spilled about him.

The first one declared, “What a clown. Watch him become the bachelor in a month and say he never had any relationships close to filming. I can’t stand him.”

After that, the other exclaimed, “GURL Lmaooo I don’t want him to be the Bachelor but also I’m happy that he’s a part of BN now. He’s so messy and I’m enjoying this tea today.”

One viewer isn't impressed with Nate, while another loves reading the tea.
Pic credit: @amberrmarie1/Reddit

Whether or not Nate is already dating someone new is yet to be determined; however, Bachelor viewers are not impressed with him moving on so quickly after professing his heartbreak over leaving the show and not winning Gabby’s heart.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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