The Bachelorette: Nate comes clean about daughter claims and dating two women at once

Nate Mitchell
Nate Mitchell addresses claims against him. Pic credit: @nate_mitchell12/Instagram

On the Men Tell All, the first segment started with Rachel Recchia’s hometown with Aven Jones and her letting fans know she was falling in love with him.

The episode then turned to the male suitors who were in attendance to talk about the season and bring a few men to the hot seat, including Nate Mitchell.

While fans first fell in love with the front-runner, as the season aired, some tea came out about Nate.

Nate didn’t address much of anything via social media, but he did last night during the aired show the Men Tell All.

He discussed that he went through a tough divorce and felt he needed to protect his daughter because she was his life during those tough days, weeks, and months.

Nate was also genuine and honest when it came to confirming that he did date two women at one time, and no, he didn’t let them know he had a daughter.

Nate Mitchell took the hot seat during the Men Tell All

As Nate talked on the show last night, he said his world crumbled when he went through his divorce, and the one thing that was constant in his life was his daughter, Mila.

He said, “And the one thing that I protect most on this earth is my daughter, like, I would never bring her into a situation that I feel is dangerous, a situation that I feel is unstable. And so it just made me put a wall up protecting my daughter from the instability of my dating life.”

After Jesse asked him to clarify that he was dating two women simultaneously, Nate admitted that he did and was sorry for it.

Nate Mitchell apologized for his past actions

As he continued to sit in the hot seat and answer questions from the host, Jesse Palmer, he responded to what the two women had come out with, claiming his cheating and infidelity and hiding his daughter from them.

Nate claimed, “I should’ve been more communicative, I should have been more clear in my intentions. And I pray that you forgive the man that I was because I’m not that same person.”

He also declared that his relationship with Gabby was one hundred percent real and that he was committed to her.

Everything he told Gabby was genuine and sincere, and he wanted their relationship to work so badly; he was ready to take that next step with her.

While things didn’t work out between Gabby and Nate because she wasn’t ready to be a mom, she has stated that she will continue to have Nate’s back and knows what a good man he is. She also said that he treated her with nothing but respect.

However, fans are still questioning who the mystery woman Nate was just spotted holding hands with over the weekend was and if he is already dating someone new.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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