The Bachelorette: Logan Palmer seen with a mystery blonde in San Diego

Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer seen with a new woman. Pic credit: @loganseagull/Instagram

Logan Palmer made quite a few headlines this season as he debuted on The Bachelorette with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

Now, just a couple of weeks after he was sent home for supposedly having COVID-19, Logan has been spotted with someone else.

This weekend, a Bachelor viewer was in Pacific Beach, San Diego, and saw Logan walking close to a blonde mystery woman.

While in Pacific Beach together, the two looked as if they were together as they chatted side-by-side.

Now Bachelor Nation is wondering if Logan has already moved on with someone new or if this was just a friend.

Logan hasn’t been the only one making news this weekend either, as Nate Mitchell was also spotted with a mystery woman, holding hands with her as they shopped together.

Logan Palmer has been in the spotlight lately

Not only is Logan currently in the spotlight from the Instagram site @bachelorettewindmill for potentially moving on with this mystery blonde woman in the yellow outfit, green hat, and black and white checkered Vans, but he was one to keep an eye on during The Bachelorette as well.

Logan Palmer was seen walking around Pacific Beach with a mystery blonde.
Pic credit: @bachelorettewindmill/Instagram

Logan first caught Bachelor fans’ attention when he made out with Rachel and Gabby back-to-back in an early episode.

While both women had feelings for Logan and felt a connection with him, Gabby let Rachel move forward with Logan because she put their friendship first.

After Rachel chose Logan for her group of male suitors, however, Logan later decided that he was in the wrong group. Thus, after numerous discussions, he made the move from Rachel’s group of men to Gabby’s guys.

Logan Palmer’s exit from the show has people talking

Ever since Logan was sent home for apparently having COVID-19, fans have speculated and brought up conspiracy theories that maybe that wasn’t the case at all.

While some claimed he had relations with a female on the cruise ship, others allegedly said he had illegal drugs and partook in them.

Whether or not either of those was true, or if Logan truly did have COVID-19, he has most definitely been a topic of discussion in the Bachelor world lately.

This newly leaked photo has added to the mix of Logan talk amongst fans and critics. Maybe Bachelor Nation will get an answer soon on who this blonde mystery woman is, or perhaps she’ll remain a mystery.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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