The Bachelorette Katie Thurston’s stand up comedy gig did not go over well

Katie Thurston on The Bachelorette
Katie Thurston bombed during a recent comedy show. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston is a funny lady but apparently, her natural wit and humor (plus a bunch of raunchy jokes) wasn’t enough to win over a tough crowd during a stand up comedy set she did over the weekend.

The Bachelorette star was the opening act for comedian Whitney Cummings in Anaheim, California on Friday. According to The Sun, she was on stage for roughly 10 minutes, reading many of her jokes off a piece of paper and struggling to drum up many laughs.

Katie Thurston attempts comedy, comes up short

A person in attendance at the Friday night comedy show opened up about Katie Thurston’s performance. They said the sex-positive Bachelorette star did not disappoint when it came to a set of raunchy jokes and we’re not surprised about that at all.

After all, her introduction to Matt James on The Bachelor was done with her vibrator as a prop. And when she got her own season, the sex jokes and constant conversations about it seemed never-ending.

It wasn’t a huge surprise that she ended the season engaged to three-time Bachelorette suitor Blake Moynes, who shares a very similar sense of humor.

But apparently, those jokes didn’t translate well to the stage, where Katie’s set, and her jokes about masturbation while on the clock at work, went over so badly that she admitted on stage, “I want to get off this stage so f**king badly right now.”

When she told the audience, “This is my last story because I want off this f**king stage” it was reported that a member of the audience responded, heckling the Bachelorette star by shouting back, “Please do!”

Ouch! It doesn’t look like Katie will be making a full transition to comedy any time soon.

While Katie did advertise that she would be doing the comedy show beforehand, she hasn’t said anything about it since.

Blake Moynes is proud of Katie Thurston

While Blake Moynes wasn’t in attendance at Katie Thurston’s painful comedy set, he was quick to show her support.

Prior to Katie taking the stage, Blake shared an appreciation post, pointing out that his “fiance has bigger balls” than he does.

In his sweet message, Blake wrote, in part, “I don’t think I could ever even attempt stand up comedy. Super proud and excited for you @thekatiethurston!”

Even if Katie Thurston wasn’t funny at her first real comedy gig, at least her man, Blake Moynes, has her back.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

disgusting. every thing about the people and the show are flat out full stop disgusting. period. the end. bye felicia

2 years ago

Katie Thurston is as funny as Justin Field being starting QB for the Bears

Wade Wallace
Wade Wallace
2 years ago

Is it finally coming through to the majority of you that Katie Thurston picked the right man? Keep going. Your love is a symbol to us all what real love should be.

Wade Wallace

2 years ago
Reply to  Wade Wallace

This didn’t age well