The Bachelorette feud update: Here’s where Bennett Jordan stands with Noah Erb

Bennett wears a suit and tie on the couch
Bennett talks down to Noah on the two-on-one date. Pic credit: ABC

There are a few signature elements of The Bachelor franchise that fans can guarantee to witness every season. Bachelor Nation knows there will always be a first impression rose, fantasy suites, and of course, the infamous two-on-one date. 

During Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette, the two contestants to face off during the two-on-one were older Harvard graduate Bennett and the youngest of the bunch, Noah Erb. 

Bennett and Noah had a plethora of differences beyond their notable age gap, and their opposing personalities caused them to clash on the show. After blatantly feuding, Tayshia invited them to confront each other on the two-on-one date that ultimately got Bennett sent home. 

The two had one of the more memorable face-offs due to Bennett throwing shade at Noah by bringing him a petty gift. Now that their season has wrapped, Bennett opened up about his intentions with the gift, as well as the current status of his relationship with Noah.

Bennett challenges Noah’s emotional intelligence 

During their two-on-one, Bennett gave Noah a book as a gift, stating that it could teach Noah about his emotional intelligence, which Bennett felt Noah severely lacked. 

When questioned about the gift he gave, Bennett claims he had sincere intentions when giving Noah that book and that he meant well when explaining how he felt Noah lacked emotional maturity. 

According to US Weekly, Bennett shared that the gift “was coming from a good place and a heartfelt genuine [place of] ‘Hopefully you can grow up’ and a bit of mentorship.” 

Bennett explained that he has a younger brother who he helped raise, and so he thought he was giving Noah brotherly love and correction, but he also admits that in hindsight, it may have been a bit overboard to approach Noah in that way. Apart from the gift, Bennett felt there were a couple of areas where he could have approached things differently in his quest for Tayshia’s love.

Bennett and Noah are now on good terms

Despite the tension the two had on the show, Bennett claims he and Noah have squashed the beef. 

It seems Noah accepted Bennett’s explanation that his treatment towards Noah wasn’t meant to slap him around, and the two managed to put the past behind them and keep in touch. 

While Bennett admits that he and Noah aren’t the best of friends, there is no longer any drama between them, and they remain in contact with one another. 

Bennett shared that he wishes Noah the best and is rooting for his success, just like he is rooting for all the guys he met on the show to be happy and succeed. 

Bennett does appear to have gotten closer to other guys more than Noah, including The Bachelorette alums, Dale and Joe.

In terms of happiness and success, Bennett may end up rooting for Noah Erb to find love and happiness while on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, which Noah is rumored to be joining this summer.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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