The Bachelorette fans debate which franchise star should join Dancing With The Stars cast

Tayshia Adams wears a colorful dress while looking at the camera
Tayshia looks giddy about her fantasy suite date with Zac. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation recently voiced their opinions on who from The Bachelorette franchise would be the most successful on Dancing With The Stars. 

Plenty of contestants from the franchise who competed on Dancing With The Stars.

The Bachelorette Season 15 breakout star, Hannah Brown, went all the way to the finals to win the dance show’s coveted Mirrorball Trophy with her charismatic performances and impressive dance skills. 

In a recent poll, fans voted on which women could succeed on DWTS.

The list included current and former Bachelorettes: Katie Thurston, Tayshia Adams, Clare Crawley, Becca Kufrin, Rachel Lindsay, and Jojo Fletcher. 

Fans feel Tayshia Adams would thrive on DWTS 

Tayshia Adams is the Bachelorette fans believe could go far on Dancing With The Stars. 

Fans compared Tayshia to Euphoria actress Zendaya, considering they both have slender physiques and long limbs.

The Bachelorette debaters believe Tayshia could do well on DWTS just like Zendaya, who placed second in her season.

Fans also recalled Tayshia’s TikTok dances, dance hauls, gracefulness, and also the bit of dancing she did during her final one-on-one date with her current significant other, Zac, as evidence Tayshia may have natural dancing skills.

Rachel Lindsay’s charm and determination could help her succeed as a dancer 

Many felt Rachel Lindsay would be a great candidate for Dancing With The Stars.

Rachel has been vocal about loving to dance and Bachelor Nation felt Rachel had a knack for rhythm the few times she danced on The Bachelor. 

Rachel Lindsay is expressive about everything she’s involved in, and her expressions and obvious enjoyment of dance could make her a genuine competitor on the show.

Fans also mentioned Rachel possesses the determination to make it to the end and win the treasured trophy since she’s outspoken about her competitive side. 

Some commenters leaned towards Clare Crawley succeeding on DWTS since she has a fit and athletic build as well. 

Fans acknowledged that JoJo Fletcher’s huge social media following could help her get votes, people didn’t seem as confident that JoJo, Katie Thurston, and Becca Kufrin would do well on the show.

The argument was that coordination isn’t a strength for Becca in particular, which would cause her to struggle on the competitive dance show. 

With Tayshia working as a new co-host of The Bachelorette and Rachel walking away from The Bachelor franchise it remains to be seen if these top candidates will decide to put on their dancing shoes and join Dancing With The Stars. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC 

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